The Longest SnG…

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“Is this the place to whine about bad beats, or do I have to write about it tomorrow?”
– Me, at last nights blogger table at Party

Well duh. Write about it of course. Then you can just think “bad beat story – boooring” and click on one of the links to the left! πŸ™‚
Actually, it’s not all a bad beat story. And I don’t whine…much. πŸ˜‰

I haven’t played an SnG in a long time. I go through spells with them, I’m not really sure why. Fear of tossing away money, I suppose. At least with a ring game you have a chance of making some money. (Yes, I know…you have a chance of making money in an SnG too). But it only takes a few early bust-outs in a string of SnGs to put a bad taste in your mouth. But I really do enjoy tournaments. In fact, I think of myself as more of a tournament player really. I just don’t have the (*ahem*) balls to put up real cash to actually play in a MTT. (Exception: blogger tourney. I’ll throw away money for you people. You’re killing me with $20 Iggy, but I did it as a reader/baby blogger, and I’ll do it again without a second thought. That’s love right there). That’s why I like freerolls…all the tournament fun, none of the investment from me. I like UB’s freerolls especially, because they actually give bonus dollars. (I realize my liking freerolls statement somewhat conflicts with my *ahem* “dryness” statement from my previous post…let me explain. I like freerolls. But they’re still freerolls. They come…they go. Even one with a big prize pool…hell, I haven’t even checked the calendar, I may be busy that day. Again, the investment thing – I have nothing invested in it…I put nothing up…if I play, I play. If I When I win, awesome. It’s this lack of investment that brings out a lot of crazys, I know. But I treat my play just like normal. And I know some people say that no self-respecting poker player would play a freeroll. Well. Obviously I disagree with that. I mean. They’re free. It’s poker. You can win stuff. I see no problem.

Anyway. I’ve gotten off topic. But this is good, because I’ve come to a realization in my off-topicness, and I’ll share it with you in a moment.

So…last night. Ring game. Didn’t play many hands, felt in an SnG mood. Fired up a $5 10 person. Tried to do both, despite the fact that I don’t multi table well. So, I close the ring game, up about 60 cents or so. (woo hoo!)

I get decent cards in the SnG, but Oh. My. God. Becky. This thing goes on FOREVER. I mean…for a $5 SnG…people usually are a little bit nuttier. This is a tight, tight group of folks. I play my cards well when I get them and do OK, but because this thing is going on so much longer than SnGs usually do…blinds are becoming a problem…so the comeback has to begin. Blinds are 75/150. I’m SB with Jh Kh and T890 (smallest stack). 4s (T925) raises to 350. I go all-in. Everyone else folds, 4s calls. He shows TcKd. King on the turn, I now have T1930 and he has T35. He was nice guy…I tell him I’m sorry in the chat, but…I really don’t mean it. πŸ˜‰ He’s out on the next hand, his As9s vs 2c2s.
A few hands later I find Aces on the button, and raise it to 675. No callers, so I collect the blinds. We get down to the bubble with blinds at 100/200 (finally! the bubble!) and then…beautifully…ITM.
It’s raised to 400…I have 3h6c…I’ll fold. Then the re-raises and all-ins begin, and it’s Ah9c vs. Qd6d. The Qd6d wins it, having caught a Queen on the flop and two fours on the board. Now we’re down to two…
I get AhKs. Raise to 600. Called. Flop is KcJdTs. I bet 600, he folds.
Next hand…I have T3955, he has T6045. I get 8c2d (just couldn’t be a 7, now could ya??). Flop is 2c5h3c – he bets 200, I raise 400. (I figure he’s flush drawing). Turn comes Ac. He bets 1200. I call. River is 8s. He bets 3600. I go all in (sweet! Two pair!), he calls.

He had a 4.

Honestly, I didn’t even see that straight draw. I was more focused on the flush draw, which I knew he didn’t have!

Oh well. $10 for 2nd.

So, I think…well…how ’bout another??? πŸ˜€

Yea…how ’bout another indeed.

$5 SnGs at UB are hard to come by. They fill up fast…as soon as you see them on the list, they’re full! “Well…I just made $10…I could do a $10 one, and worse case, I lose, and then I’m even for the night”. (Not counting the fees, but who’s counting those? UB, that’s who!) Stupid brain.

So….$10 10-person SnG. With shitty shitty cards. I mean…damn. I think I got the hammer. I think that might have been the best hand the whole time. Seriously…scrolling through the hand history summary right now….5-3, 5-2, 9-4, 5-2, 9-8 (which I played…but the flop was then J-3-A…ug)….oooo – AK – stole that one! Good job April! πŸ˜€ But yea…that was pretty much the highlight.

But yea…my bad beat, as already relayed to a fellow blogger, was this one –
Blinds at 75/150 (another long one…but just b/c these people were sllllooooowwwww). I’ve got T2500 – putting me 2nd in chips – and Ah Qc on the button, so I feel comfortable about raising here. I raise to 300, and get one caller. Flop comes Ad 8d 7h. It’s checked to me. I bet 350. He goes all in. I figure my Ace to be good, if he had AK, he would have raised himself pre-flop I imagine (although the AK limp is such a sneaky move…). I call. He has… Jd Kd. Turn is 4c. River is…like I have to tell you?


You can’t guess?

Oh, ok fine. If you’re going to bitch about it, I’ll tell!!

Damn Queen of diamonds, of course! Giving me two pair and making his flush!

Does that not qualify as a bad beat? I guess we were a coin flip…hell if I know, that’s math, and it hurts my head. It sure hurt like a bad beat.

Next hand I had Ac7c…and while I loathe baby Aces, when you’re shortstacked, and they’re suited…you go with them. Well, screw them, they were no help!

So I was out. Pppfffttt. Oh well.

Anywoo. I said earlier…you know, way back when, at the start of this post, that I had come to a realization about something. And that is….are ya ready? It’s kinda good…I think. I say I don’t have the balls to put up the dough for an MTT. But really…we’re talking about $5, $10, maybe even $15 tournaments here. When I do play in freerolls, I do well. I’m usually ranked in the top 100 for the majority of the tournament…until I fuck up and make some mistake that I know better than and then end up shortstacked with high blinds. So the point is…I don’t know why I’m so psyched out of putting up the dough for an MTT. I can certainly do well. I put up $10 for an SnG without thinking twice. I prove myself in other MTT’s on multiple occasions…so why am I reluctant to back myself? Good Lord, I’m worse than Dutch Boyd!!

I guess the reason is that the field is shorter, so of course there stands a better chance of hitting ITM. But I suppose over the long run…the one time you make ITM in an MTT, it outweighs all the times you play and don’t? Did that make sense? ROI% and all that. Anyway…for me it was just an “ah-ha”/”wtf?” moment…having had success in large field MTT’s before, why not take a shot at a “real” one? So…I guess that’ll be my goal for 2005. Blogger tourney does not count. πŸ™‚

“Side” note (hahahahahahahaha…I kill me!)…we have quite the little Austin WPBT contingent going on here. So, because we ROCK, I’ve removed my fellow Austinities from the regular blogroll and have created a special spot for them all their own. If you’d like to be added….well….move. πŸ™‚ We are working on getting together a WPBT home game though, and if you’re interested in joining us for that, come ‘on down (said in best Texas accent).