The Dallas SWAT is pulling crap like this with your tax money

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Paul posted this but I knew April would care about this story, so I’m encouraging everyone to read it. Read about how a raid on a poker game by 30-40 SWAT agents turns into an exercise in lies, thanks to The Agitator:

Bear in mind that, prior to police entering, the place was virtually quiet. There was the sound of poker chips in the air, but not much else. The players were essentially professionals and working stiffs having fun…there were doctors, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals. There was hardly anything “dangerous” about the place at all. In fact, the cops found no weapons in the facility or on anyone there. The show of force and weaponry brought by the cops was simply outrageous and unjustified, given the circumstances, but, then again, are they enforcing the law or making a TV show?

Please, Read the whole story here. This is not the first tale I’ve read of police departments overdoing a poker room raid for the sake of posturing, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.