The ashtray says you were up all night

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The professor made me do it.

I knew I’d have at least one stay-up-all-night night in Vegas, and last night was it. I got back to the Plaza shortly before 5am and since I was due to fly out at 8…seemed kinda silly to even try and sleep. Monday was the perfect way to cap off the trip.

I fell in love many times over in my 5 days in Vegas. Most recently with a man named Victor…but I know I’d have to fight Eva, Gracie, the Prof, and BG for him.

I had a great time. There were certain things that I really wanted to acomplish on this trip that I didn’t get to do, but the unexpected things that came up more than made up for them. [This does not mean certain people are forgiven. Said person will never live said event down.]

All will be explained soon…let me sleep a little.

I left the Plaza this morning, got a cab, and told the taxi driver that I wanted to go to the airport. But in my mind, I was thinking “MGM Grand”. I did not want to come home.

I miss Vegas. Would like to return now please.