The $1000 Blog Post

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Full Tilt Poker has announced a brand spankin’ new payment processor that they promise is nothing like WildCard. MyWebATM is supposed to do everything that you need for deposits *and* withrdawls, and they even send you an actual card so that the authorities can point to physical evidence of your dirty gambling whore practices when they haul you off to Sing-Sing.

Whoops, sorry, I was channeling Jack Thompson there for a second. Well, Jack Thompson if he thought gambling was more evil than boys kissing in video games.

Anyways, check out the details here on FTP’s website, and I will now start my own F-Train death pool on how long this processor accepts US Transactions to gaming companies.

No, I’m not in the gloom and doom camp at all.

Now if you’ll excuse me, i’m off to deposit money. 😀