That Chris Halverson is one smart man…

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This thought went through my mind at least twice as I made my ten-minute trek across campus today. Only this time, instead of having “move stupid” thoughts in my head, I had Pearl Jam’s “I Am Mine” to keep me company, and then, beautifully, a transition to Stevie Ray Vaughan. There’s something very appropriate about being in Austin on a perfect day like today with SRV in your head.

So yea, liking the iPod. Oh, we’ve had our battles. Let’s face it, we’re living in a Windows world and I am a Windows girl. iTunes and I are learning how to best communicate with each other. But we’ll get there.

Ummm…Bloggies voting is up. I am happy and sad. I was a panelist for just a few of the categories. Some of the ones I liked made it through to the finals, so woo hoo. But some didn’t, so wah. 🙁 There are some rather notable absences, that surprise me quite a bit. But anywho. I found quite a few…interesting sites. (A cat blog where the entries were literally nothing but the word “meow” typed over and over again…I mean really…WHY?) This one however, you can go vote for, and I highly recommended you do…cause it’s damn funny. I’ll be adding links to the other sites I really liked in the near future.

Oh, speaking of using cats in lieu of real content…check out the new Fatboy Slim video…(what?? I have a new iPod! I’ve always liked music, and I’m a little into it the moment, OK?? Sue me) If you really want to see some freaky cat videos, check out what Bjork’s been up to.

OK, enough music. Poker. Played in another CollegePokerChampionship tournament this Sunday. I really wasn’t in a poker mood, believe it or not. (Shocking, I know!!) Stayed up late the night before, un-checking 500 songs in iTunes, so I was a little tired. Anywho…first few hands I get aces, then queens…then nothing. I get a little short stacked, blinds are 25/50. I have KQc, and there is a King on the board. I bet 200 at the turn (don’t have notes on flop, sorry) and it’s called. I bet another 200 at the river, and this leaves me with about 30 in chips. It’s re-raised to put me all in. I of course call, and win, since my opponent only had Ace high.

Now here I think about something that I often see in ring games. Let’s ignore the fact that he only had ace high and should have dropped that hand long ago. Let’s assume he had a piece of the board. When someone does what I did…and bets almost all of their stack…but not all-in…what do you think they’re doing? I’ve always thought they didn’t have a real hand, and so I’ve done exactly what he did…re-raised them to go-all in, forcing them to commit. But at that point in the hand…well, it would have been stupid of me to lay it down then…clearly I had something. It may not have been the best something, but talk about being pot committed. The only reason I didn’t go all-in on the river was because I wasn’t paying attention to the amount I was betting relative to the amount I had in front of me. (Again, tired/not focused/shouldn’t have been playing/blah blah blah) Anyway…just made think, that used correctly that could be a nice way to induce a raise on the river. Had I gone all-in myself, he may not have called. But I’m sure you all probably know about this already. It’s probably written in a book somewhere, as I seem to have been on the losing end of this move in ring games before.
Next hand I get J 10, with a 10 on the flop. I bet, everyone folds. (Having just shown down KQ, I guess so). An Aggie gets moved to my table (I know this because it says so in his screename) and soon proceeds to go all in with nearly every hand. And he’s on my left. The Longhorn in me wants to attribute this nuttiness to his Aggieness, but apparently he had plan. After showing his all-ins with hands like 7-3 (so close), then 7-2 (there ya go), he then goes all in with KJ. I had AJ at this point…and was very tempted to call. I didn’t, but another AJ did. And of course they won.

Later I get K9 in the BB, and flop a set KKx. Which was great, until I met a full house on the river. I should have been more agressive with my betting, but I was trying to get as many chips as possible, so I was just making the minimum bet on each street. Even if I was more agressive, I may have ended up doing more damage to myself, since he apparently had K8.

I finished 876/2113. I was moved to a new table, and went all in with KJ. It was vs. AK. Unfortunately, I lost to the table coach. I hate table coaches. Usually, there is something wrong with the advice/opinion they give, and of course, they have that additude. (You know the one). For instance, in my case, with the blinds at 100/200, and my stack as it was, and my position…KJ was as good as any. Am I supposed to sit around and wait for Aces all day? I don’t believe in being blinded out of tournaments. And of course, as I finished typing up my notes with that table open, it was nice to watch Mr. Table Coach go all in with AJo and lose a nice chunk to Q10 (and then tell the player what a horrible play that was). And then a couple hands later he was out completely, his sixes losing to Q8. (And then hang around and rant and rave about the horrible play that was too). Karma is a bitch dude…move along.