Thanks hon…really

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Bankroll took a $20 $22 hit today. When I first started playing poker, I feared short-handed play. And heads-up? Forget it. The reason was simple really, I didn’t have any strategy for how to vary my play. Well…I forget how it came about, but one day apparently John explained the adjustments I would need to make, I tried it out…and I’ve been a little hooked ever since. I think it’s the additional freedom that you get to have playing shorthanded…the ability to go a little bit nuts. I remember when I was still playing with play chips at Stars, Fred would often tell me in the chat that I needed to loosen up and play a “few more hands kiddo” when it got to 5 players or less – Fred knowing exactly what my starting hand requirements were, since he had dictated them to me not a month earlier. Plus I love how the bluff factor gets amped in short-handed play. In a full ring, your kicker of 4 would be worthless and you know it…short handed, you act like it’s the nuts. (Cause truth be told, it very likely is). Hmmm…if only I could incorporate some of that short-handed agression into my full-ring game… I think my AF is like 1.5 – the other day I was at a table across from a guy with an AF of 5. 5! I wanted to draw it from him across the table into me like some sort of mist…

So today, while I should have been like studying* or something, I guilted sweet-talked John into playing a heads-up SnG – one of my favorite things to do. Seems hard to believe that any convincing of any sort would be neccessary to get that man to play poker…but oh yes…

He won. I was doing well, being rather agressive if I do say so myself, until he took a ton of chips from me on one hand that I don’t really recall because I didn’t have the hand histories running…and he’s the one with the killer memory.

And then later we did a $10 10-person SnG where I bubbled again…called an all-in on the flop, A6c vs AQo. I had the best hand at the flop, but of course…MALDITO RIO! So that was pretty much the death of me. Still need to work on my bubble agression in SnGs.

So…guess I need to hit the rings to work off those tourney win bonus dollars, huh?

Plus…I find myself with $20 in my PartyPoker account today. Hmmm…blogger table anyone? πŸ˜€

* I’m not a total slacker…my final tomorrow is optional, at this point it can only help my grade, not hurt. Besides…for months I’ve been dreaming of when classes would be over and I could totally slack for days. So give me that. I’ll get in gear tomorrow.