Thank You GOD

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It’s unnatural to break a sweat just standing around in a grassy area with the dog. And hopefully these cooler temps will drive out the thing I hate most in the world – crickets. I don’t want to hear it!! I’m against the concept of hate in general – but I make exceptions for Tom DeLay and crickets. One of them got it today, now I just need the other to disappear off the face of the earth and life will be good. The little bastards are rampant at my office – and Scott refuses to kill them for me. During a discussion over the topic of why I prefer spiders to crickets at work the other day, Ryan said “What’s the expression on a cricket’s face? A smile. How could you be afraid of them?” Easy. Little fuckers have no respect and jump all over the place, and I am very much against jumping insects.

Still no poker – thinking about hitting the track Saturday though. As I explained to Fred as I crossed campus today, this whole school and work thing really cuts into my gamblin’ time.

Now off to four hours of Spanish homework. As my friend Miguel said today, “The language departments at this University really need to understand that their subject is not our fucking life”. I did learn something useful today – how to say “What the hell?” in Spanish. Plus, I can now understand what the guys in line behind me at the grocery store are saying, and I’m a little flattered. And also creeped out.