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Because they really make my afternoon at work go by quicker. Here’s a Vegas tip for y’all – when your flight gets in at 1, and your office is directly between the airport and your home, the boss probably isn’t the best bet for an airport pick up. Silly me with the friends with the jobs that keep them at work. Scott was more than happy to pick me up and of course, bring me back to the office, prolonging the hours before I get to see the other Vegas in my life. No sign of Matt (a/k/a “The Kid”), but I suspect that has a lot to do with the fact that everytime I called him, he was at the MGM poker room; apparently having spent 90% of his weekend there. Not sure who the hell he learned that move from…

Poker and I are not speaking right now, but roulette and I became fast friends this weekend. Write-ups later, for now; some thanks –

  • Many many many thanks to Heather for coordinating the tourney sign-ins as well as taking care of several things I’m sure that came up but I didn’t even know about because she took care of them. I’m lucky to have her as a best friend and love her to death. (Which you will hear, from both us, after we’ve had a few drinks. Several times.)
  • Thanks to Shelly and my twin for checking in with Heather and I pre-tourney and securing coffee for us to grab on the way out the door. Mucho thanks to April for getting me a slice of pizza when I realized around 5pm that I had not eaten in many hours and really needed to do that. She even went back for another slice later. That’s love people. I also owe them for keeping me from potentially making a complete fool of myself when it was urgently needed. That’s just how we roll.
  • Thanks to Bill and Katkin for continually reminding Howard Lederer that he did indeed agree to be somewhere at 10 am, and to Linda for lining up he, Michael Craig and Jay Greenspan. Thanks also to Bill for handling the Roshambo tourney sign up.
  • Thanks to the beautiful Factgirl for taking over money collection for Obie.
  • Many thanks to all of you for the delightful massage and Sephora gift card. Somewhere there is a picture of my hand and wrist colorfully marked with Sephora testers, and somewhere there is an annoying man with $200 of my money because I was perhaps a little too relaxed to be playing no-limit. So he thanks you too. 🙂
  • Thank you for being the coolest people on the planet, letting me put together an event for you, and coming out and (hopefully) having your own great time.

I’m probably missing a few people in my thanks, and for that I’m sorry. I’m tired but happy to be home. I’m now off in search of a good meal and a good bed. But first, a little example of why I love y’all so much –

Lunch with the girls at Caesar’s – Donkeypuncher’s food came with 8 of those standard dried chili peppers, of which he offered JoeSpeaker $1 for each one he ate. Joe quickly accepts the challenge, and hilarity ensues.

Random late night dinner with Matt and Alan – In typical Vegas fashion, I am complaning about how my feet hurt from all the walking in the cute but not really designed for such shoes that I brought with me. The boys have no sympathy, and I remark that I’d pay $20 for them to try it. Alan laughs and shakes his head no, then says “Wait. For how long?”

How can you not love a group of people who are so willing to subject themselves to public humiliation and/or severe gastrointestinal distress all in the name of a good time? I miss you all already.