Thank you Debra

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For staying on the phone with me, bringing good luck, and most importantly, a 9 on the river to make my Queen-high straight. [even though it resulted in a split pot…dammit]

And for not hanging up on me when I got distracted on the next hand when my 8-high straight was beaten by a flush on the river (but you have to understand, I flopped that puppy, and bet the pot at the flop to keep anyone from drawing…then big again on the turn…he should NOT have kept drawing…nor should have he even been playing K 2 in the first place – played it because it was s000ted I’m sure).

/pointless bad beat story

So yea…bankroll took another hit today. BUT – I played well.

Hopefully the Gods of Fortune have been too busy covering my ass with my math and astronomy tests this week, thus explaning the dings at the poker table. At least, that’s what I’m hoping, especially as far as the astronomy test is concerned.

Wrong, but funny. I especially like the last one, and think it would go over very well here in Austin.