tengo la camisa negra

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If you read Betty Underground (and if you don’t, what in the hell is wrong with you?) then you’re no doubt familiar with the weekly Photo Project that she, F-Train, and I have undertaken. If not, here’s a quick fill-in: each week we have a theme, we take a picture relating to said theme – done. This past week the theme was up to us, and I snapped a picture of my favorite shoes. One picture in particular led Betty to comment that it was “like a self portrait”.

"like a self portrait"

F-Train was a bit confused why.

Maybe this conversation from today will help explain it to you F-Train…

Him: “You know what Thursday is, right?”

Me: “Yes… Do you?” [It’s two things, actually. One of which is far more important to me than the other.]

“Oh, I know. Have you got a plan?”

“Yea…” [Ignore everything and everyone until I’ve gotten all I want.] “There are still a few things I need to decide on, but that won’t be hard – will just take me a few minutes that morning really. I’m really not much of a long-range planner, so I’m always a little nervous committing myself with large purchases months in advance, but for things like this you’ve just got to do it really, ya know? I mean, to be sure you get what you want.”

“I know exactly what you mean.” [No sweetheart, I don’t think you do…]

“Yep, so now all I need is the password really.”

“Wait. What? Password? What are we talking about exactly?”

I’ll tell ya tomorrow. 😉


On a completely unrelated side note, a big thanks to Buddy Dank for having me on the show tonight. If you’re not listening to the show, you’re really missing out on a good time. Tune in tonight during the Mookie!