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You know what’s fun? Picking random song titles to be your post titles. I think I may make that my new schtick.

Tonight (Saturday) is National Drunken Writing Night. And since it’s 3:30 am and I just got home….

I had to fix five typos in that sentence and even as I type this one, I have to correct every other word. So what does that tell you?

If I were the awesomely good writer type, I’d write some sort of little story for you. But I’m not. So I guess you’re stuck with dunken ramblings.

Tonight was the first night in a while that I’ve seen downtown Austin up close and personal, and yes, even had a drink on 6th Street. I’m not sure who came with the idea for valet parking in the Warehouse District, but they’re a friggen genius. For the same price as parking in a spot that’s a far-ass walk away, I can just give you my car and then pick it up later? Is this really a tough decision for people? I did make a goof when picking up the car though. I thought I was being all Vegas-y and tipping the valet with a $5, cause all I had left in cash was a $5 and a $1. So I give him the $5 and the response is “Um, it’s $7 mam.” Ooohhh right, you want me to actually pay you for the whole parking thing. Luckily Kat had a $1 on her so we could drive off, but I’m sure my plate number went in down in the “bitches who don’t tip” book.

Tomorrow, or rather, later today I have to take my father’s car to get looked at. Cars apparently hate me now. I left Gus and Kat’s around 3, and planned on stopping off at Taco Cabana for some tortillas, since I have no bread in my house and the number one rule of hangover prevention is carbs, water, and advil. As I’m pulling up, the car dies. Every little warning light goes on, etc. I’m trying to figure out what the fuck I did, and decide to turn car off and then back on. It starts and I decide I’ll make do with whatever carby goodness I have at home because seeing as how I’m on the other end of town and everyone I could call to get me (should the car die again) is likely in the same state I am or worse, I just need to get home asap. When it started up, the little oil light came on and then went off. Half way home I thought about how if the car really was low on oil, driving across Austin probably wasn’t that good for it. However I am totally off the hook because it’s not due for an oil change for a month. While I like having 4 doors, I miss my Mustang. In ten years I only had two mechanical issues with that car. They just both unfortunately happened to be awfully expensive.

Today I attempted to play a $5 SnG at UB. I can never mock Adam for his mis-click again. Pot is T160 and I’ve got bottom pair and 3 to the flush. I’m first to act, and bet out T800. Yes, you read that right. And no, I didn’t add an extra zero in my drunken state. It would be nice if I had been drunk then, cause at least I would have a good excuse. Nope, just plain ole can’t type numbers into a little box, apparently. Everyone folds except the guy to my right. Damnit. River came, paired the board, and made a set for me. Guy bets to put me all in, which at this point is about 1/4 of the pot, and so I call. He’d turned a boat. Double damnit. Funny thing was, he thought for a really long time before he called my massive over-bet.

I spent the rest of daylight hours catching up on the WSOP (dude, that guy with the phone really was an ass) and various other TV goodness. I had the cat on the couch cushion above my head, and the dog on the floor at my feet. It struck me that I don’t know if I have ever been as happy as I am right now. (And I mean in general, not just when there’s been drinking). I could get all deep and insightful as to why that is, but it’s now 4am, my bed is calling, and the cat drank my water. So I go now.