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New Rule: Thou Shalt Not Try to Play 2-7 Triple Draw Whilst Playing NLHE

Seriously, I don’t know how some of you do it. I thought perhaps the fact that I was playing on two computers would help me, as I could mentally associate them with the games. Toshiba = TD; Dell = HE… simple, right? Yea, not so much. It’s also never a good idea to try and share what little knowledge you have with someone new to the game at the same time, because more than likely you’ll come off looking a little less than intelligent.

Sir will tell you (and he quite possibly has at this point edit: and he totally has! so adorable) that I took some horrible beats playing in a $25 NL blogger game Tuesday night, but he’s just using that as some sort of comeon. The truth is, the number one reason I don’t play poker much anymore is because I rarely find myself in the proper mental state to do it (i.e., no distractions, not tired, not upset, plenty of time to devote to a game.) So I’m of course not at all surprised at my dropping three buyins on hands I could have gotten away from had I actually been paying attention. Losing the money doesn’t upset me – I developed a healthy disregard for it long ago – it’s that I played knowing I wasn’t in the optimal frame of mind to do so.

But I’m never in that frame of mind. How the hell am I supposed to keep fresh the skills I do have – much less develop new ones – if I can’t ever practice? I’m incredibly jealous of those of you who have the time; make the time. I’ve reached the point where I have so much going on that it seems like a wasteful indulgence to let myself relax for an hour or two… so much so that I have been recently ordered to have fun. And like a total geek, I decided to read a book, in a futile attempt to out-read or at least maintain pace with Garth. [Fantastic book, btw, a must-read if you like Lewis at all; even if you don’t like football]

I always joke about blaming Garth, or in the case of last night, Wil, for my getting in to a Triple-Draw game. But really, the blame starts with Spaceman, who decided during the wee hours of a WSOP morning that we should ditch our private MGM HORST game and focus on the T exclusively. My successful session there led to me logging on to UB from the media room in the late hours of the night, where Change100 would take a look at my screen and sing-song “April’s addicted to Triple-Draw…”

I can honestly say I’ve never left a TD game down. Of course now that I’ve said that, that trend ends here. I’ve often wondered if perhaps NLHE isn’t for me. At least not right now. It’s a game that deserves careful thought and discussion, and that’s two things I don’t have the resources for right now. Honestly haven’t ever. In the time economy of my life, poker sucked up valuable units that really needed to go elsewhere. And now they do.

This is of course coming from the woman who should have been in bed hours ago…

…and who is immensely proud of herself for actually writing a post, and not stopping half-way through and trashing it.