Take my laptop, please

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Yep…the destruction continues –

TexansBaby is at seat 0 with $52. [Look – I was up! $2 whole dollars! Whoo hoo!]
spfesq is at seat 1 with $52.65.
NAGASAKI is at seat 2 with $13.80.
fairball26 is at seat 3 with $24.50.
smlong is at seat 4 with $16.10.
rwle34 is at seat 5 with $50.75.
g21cowboys is at seat 6 with $52.45.
thegame27 is at seat 7 with $9.65.
Gaston is at seat 8 with $14.20.
gatorsam is at seat 9 with $16.85.
The button is at seat 0. [Oh, and look at me, with position…]

spfesq posts the small blind of $.25.
NAGASAKI posts the big blind of $.50.

TexansBaby: 9d 9c


fairball26 folds. smlong calls. rwle34 folds.
g21cowboys raises to $2.25. thegame27 folds. Gaston
folds. gatorsam folds. TexansBaby calls. spfesq
folds. NAGASAKI folds. smlong calls.

Flop (board: 8c 3c Qh):

smlong checks. g21cowboys bets $15. TexansBaby
raises to $30. smlong goes all-in for $13.85.
g21cowboys goes all-in for $50.20. TexansBaby goes
all-in for $49.75. g21cowboys is returned $.45

[Now…let me try and explain this train wreck here. That $15 was a pot sized bet. To me, that was a scare bet. So I put him on pockets…Jacks at the most. I read him as trying to drive off the clubs, and as being afraid that someone had paired the Queen. So I raised. Now…when he came over the top to go all-in…well…that was my own stupidity.]

Turn (board: 8c 3c Qh Jd):

(no action in this round)

River (board: 8c 3c Qh Jd 6d):

(no action in this round)


g21cowboys shows Kh Ks.
g21cowboys has Kh Ks 8c Qh Jd: a pair of kings.
TexansBaby shows 9d 9c.
TexansBaby has 9d 9c 8c Qh Jd: a pair of nines.
smlong shows 5c Ac.
smlong has Ac 8c Qh Jd 6d: ace high.

Hand #3912384-1928 Summary:

$2 is raked from a total pot of $120.85.
$2 is raked from the main pot of $49.05.
$0 is raked from side pot #1 of $71.80.
g21cowboys wins the main pot $47.05 with a pair of kings.
g21cowboys wins the side pot $71.80 with a pair of kings.

Needless to say, he was happy!

I’m reminded of a story Annie Duke told at UB’s Aruba WPT tourney (relayed to us little people via a good, but not Otis-level tournament blog that John Vorhaus did) – apparently Mike Matusow once threw his laptop into the pool from the balcony from his hotel room after suffering an online losing streak. She wondered how he could throw away such an expensive laptop, but his response was, “If I hadn’t done it – if I had kept on playing – I’d have lost ten grand easy.”

Now…I’m not that bad folks. But last night, I totally understood that feeling. Cause after that bust out, I really did feel sick. For the past couple of days I’ve just been playing like a complete moron. I know better than this, but I do it anyway… I immediately went over that hand, and of course that $15 bet was a scare bet…because you had callers, so you’re afraid someone might have AA or QQ and now you’re up against a set, plus you’ve got that flush draw out there. (Although, given that, my raise should have made you fold dammit, but I guess you can’t lay down a hand any more than I can…least yours was paint.) But the thing that upset me was, during the hand, why didn’t I even think of QQ? I mean duh! I saw it for a scare bet, but for totally the wrong reasons.

I’m just completely off my game…not focused at all. This seems to come in cycles, and I’m not sure why. The last time I hit this wall, valley, whatever you want to call it, I then came out of it and had my tourney win and got my roll built up enough to move up a level…so yes, these are learning lessons…but damn. With that hit, I’m now back down to .10/.25. And there, I find the Sisters waiting for me. They’re beaten off the flop by two pair, but find another lady on the turn to make a set, and I nearly double up on that one hand alone. But I end up losing it when an incredibly agressive player sits down (not raising him out of any pots!)…and thankfully I come to my senses enough to get out while I’m still $3.45 ahead.

In some ways, .10/.25 feels much more like home. Games are certainly looser. I never really got into my groove at .25/.50. That stats section makes me ill. I know, I know…we look at the long run…we play the hands we’re dealt…we take lessons from each session, etc. I comfort myself with the fact that it’s looked like that before. (Well…never the “Change from last post”, but the rest). I’ll get it back.

Don’t play much other than Hold’Em. I occasionally find my way to a 7 Card Stud table, but that’s about it. I know a lot of you are into Omaha 8 these days, so I wanted to point out what appears to be an excellent write up by Mourn on the subject.
The Hammer mocked me continuously last night. I have never gotten it so many times – 3 times in an hour! Was it trying to tell me something? I raised with it once, got a caller, ace comes on the flop, minimum bet is made, but I know he’s paired that ace…I fold. (I know! Holy crap, she does something smart when it’s only 50 cents! $30 bucks and she’s totally off the map! ;)) The other times, it was raised to me, and well…I just sense danger there. I wuss out and fold. (I need a “hangs head in shame” smiley)

As for that “other” Hammer issue…well. There’s a reason certain links have never been on the left. And those Up for Poker boys are damn smart. CJ took the words out of my mouth today.
Oh, and damn you PartyPoker! I was given $20 to come back and play. Apparently I had until Jan 6 to use it. So last night when I finally find an open spot at the blogger table…poof…the $12 of it that I had left is gone. 😛 on them! I would have much rather it had gone to one of you! Teach me to read the fine print. Oh well. Guess my blogger playing will be limited to encounters with Maudie, Daddy, and G-Rob at UB…(but you know you all really want to come to UB…come on…)

OK, I’m off to read…or play with play chips…maybe do a freeroll…I don’t know…whatever it takes to feed the poker jones but minimize the damage I’m doing to myself at the moment.