SXSW Update

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Copied from an e-mail I sent to a few folks; reposted here for the benefit of any fence-sitters.

So there’s this rumor that tomorrow morning at 10am SXSW wristbands go on sale. It’s highly likely, but I’m a little surprised to have no official word yet, although that may very well come at 8am tomorrow. Anywho…here’s the scoop:

Wristbands are $130 for the first 2000. Then they bump up to $150. I will of course make every effort to be one of the first 2K, but if that sale time is correct, that might be tough.

Couple things to keep in mind:

Wristbands don’t guarantee you admittance to shows. Badge holders get in first, then wristbands, then if there is any space left over, anyone with cash can get in. If you’re only coming for Friday and Saturday night, you may not want to deal with the wristband expense; and take your chances. If none of the big name acts are on your must-see list, this may work for you. [Though, now is probably the time to mention the “every man/woman for themselves” rule that often has to take effect during these shows. I wouldn’t expect Ryan to pass on Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs just because I couldn’t get in. Nor would I be particularly disappointed if that were the case, but I needed an example. :)] Also there are plenty of free day shows too, although Saturday we’re playing poker.

If you think you’re coming, but you aren’t sure yet; but if you do come, you want the wristband – tell me now, and we’ll get one for you. Worst case, you don’t come, and you sell the band on Craigslist or eBay for a nice tidy profit.

I think that’s everything…oh, and if you have your flight booked, shoot me the schedule so I’ll know when to pick you up.