Surprises Revealed

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A couple of quick updates to the Summer Classic fun –

InterPoker has added $2000 to the tourney prize pool for the Summer Classic. Now, instead of paying out the final table only, we’ll pay out to 30 places, with places 11-30 each receiving a $100 credit in their InterPoker accounts. Big thanks to them for this generous prize. They are also the latest sponsor to this little spot of the web Chris and I call home, and we welcome them to it.

Immediately prior to our tourney we’ll have a Roshambo tourney with Phil Gordon. I wanted our group to give back in some way this trip, and toyed with several ideas, most of which were (correctly) shot down by my advisors. After meeting Phil at Chris’s wedding and seeing how everyone is always up for a Roshambo game, a lightbulb went on – we could have a Roshambo tourney where the buyin was donated to charity. It was a natural conclusion then that the charity would be Phil’s Bad Beat on Cancer, and of course no Roshambo tourney is complete without the man himself in attendence. I contacted him about my idea and he quickly agreed to take part, and also to donate a one-hour private lesson to the tourney winner. As I said on the WPBT schedule, I’m pretty sure he intended that to be a poker lesson, but I guarantee you if one of the girls wins, they’ll try to convince him for a lesson of another sort…
Buyin for this event is $15 minimum, and yes CJ, you may call-in your participation. 🙂

There have been changes to the list of attendees today, so expect a “no really, this is the FINAL version” e-mail tomorrow. If you have questions, e-mail me up until 5pm central on Thursday, after that you have my cell number if you should. 🙂