Summer Classic Update

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No big news, just wanted to check in with everyone and see if there were any questions, comments, desires, etc. I understand that some people might be interested in setting up a higher buyin private tourney. If you have interest in that, please leave a comment and let me know what buyin amount you’d be interested in and where you might like to have such an event. It would have to be Friday or Sunday, and likely could not be at the Excal (the poker room is scheduled for moving and down-sizing any day now).

Linda has graciously taken on the task of inviting pros to come speak to the group. The WSOP is of course tough competition for us, so any pro appearance would be a nice surprise.

I’m also looking for a few people who might be willing to donate page space – email if you’re interested in helping out.

Only 87 more days!!!

Event info can be found here.