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Oh, those crazy Japanese…and Americans. (You know…just in case y’all don’t check out any of the sites on the top left other than Wil & Pauly’s…ya miss out on some interesting stuff…)

Oh, but the “squeak” thing isn’t in refrence to the Japanese story. It’s in refrence to this. Was I the only one who hadn’t seen this? If so, why were you all keeping it from me? 🙂 If not, you should go check it out, it’s a great guide, and some great NL-specific Auto-Rate rules. However, didn’t make a damn bit of difference to me. Changed things for 300 players in my database, but not me…still a mouse. Less fish now too. Oh well. Anyway, I know I for one am guilty of not using PT to its full capacity, and therefore found this whole guide to be really helpful (it’s 4 parts thus far, the links are on the left).

Played a bit tonight, finished up about 5BB. Would have been more, but took a big loss first hand out. I had Jacks, it’s raised all-in PF for $1.25, I call, along with two others. Flop comes 5 3 7, with two diamonds. I check, one guy goes all-in for $6.65, other guy folds, and I call…because lately I have been completely unable to lay down a hand. As on the turn, 9d on the river. Actually, pair of Queens wins it, guy who went all-in after the flop had them. All-in pre-flop guy had JTo. So I lost $8 on that hand, and immediately took it for the lesson it was. I never used to have a problem laying down a hand…in fact, I considered myself to be somewhat of a wuss for being all too willing to lay down a hand. But there is a fine line between being a wimp and being just stupid. Or maybe it’s not so fine. Ay, there’s the rub.