Spoke with my twin this evening…

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“I have some bad news my twin” I said as I delivered to her the news that Pauly called to deliver to me (so sweet that one is); that Wil had busted out. She’s doing fine, the pain meds have been coming hourly, and I told her to stock up. 🙂

Want to know how to make it rain in Texas? Get a $40 wash and wax.

I am addicted to the Travel Channel’s little Vegas themed shows. Tonight I watched a show about the new things in Vegas for 2005, the 100th birthday party, and now a show about sucker bets. Because I need to be told to avoid Keno and the money wheel. What I’m really looking forward to is the show “Las Vegas: What Would You Do If”: How matters of conscience and Nevada law compare. Now that sounds interesting! Watching these shows is like porn for me – when they show the strip and I see that pretty green building – oh yea baby. 5 days!!

You can ignore me, I’ve been taking quite a bit of cold medicine…oh, plus the sleeping pills.

I had two cheap plastic chairs outside of my apartment door. They’ve been there for months. I came home tonight – gone. WTF? If they were stolen…why mine? What was wrong with the exact same chairs a few doors down? Of course around here, it’s highly likely that they were borrowed. What? No note? And why exactly do I continue to feed and water a 25lb orange tabby cat if she’s not going to guard the house?

I have a confession to make. I used to think that “the sportsbook” was a singular location in Vegas that BG and Pauly would go to. It sounded exotic and like someplace I wouldn’t understand at all. Funny how after you spend just a few hours with BG it all starts to make sense…don’t think I’m not heading back to Caesar’s to make that bet on the Texans. And some ponies.

Alright, I’m going to finish my show on Sucker Bets (no mention of poker, yet baccarat is touted as a great game to beat the house. If you don’t mind falling asleep at the table I suppose….) and then I’m off to bed. Be sure to stop off and check out the excellent job Pauly and Otis are doing. My favorite comment from Pauly’s post today came from Heafy

Can I get a shot count on Al?

Pretty sure PokerPlayer does not have the staff to keep up with that total…