speaking of tilt…

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Still in Chicago, my mother texts me as I sit with Maigrey enjoying a lovely dinner at a sidewalk cafe where the early week special of 1/2 priced bottles of wine has lured my boy-tilting self in. The Blackberry rests on the corner of the table, steadily buzzing as usual. I’m surprised to see a text message from my mother, in which she inquires when I’m going to the Cubs game she knew I was scheduled to attend on my trip out here. Okay, so mom needs a little lesson on the All-Star break… *shrug*

I reply that the game was on Saturday. She texts back – “So what now?” Well into the wine and equally so into my lesson on the value of sometimes just saying exactly what you want and mean, I reply back:

“Right now I am sitting outside eating dinner and drinking a bottle of wine and looking for hot guys.”

Can’t say I quite expected the volley I got from dear ole mom:

“Me too. Enjoy. Love you.”

I replied with, “I won’t tell dad if you don’t!” and continued on with dinner; laughing away my boy tilt with Maigrey in the perfectly cool Chicago evening.

I return to Austin tomorrow; reluctantly. I would much prefer to have Vegas (the dog) shipped to me and buy a new wardrobe than to face the music at home.

It’s been a fantastic weekend and I miss everyone already!! Looking forward to Gentile Summit ’09!!