Something About The Number 7…

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Yesterday (or well, since I haven’t yet gone to bed, today) I decided to lift my spirits by playing some poker. Which makes no sense at all really. If you’re looking for something to make you cheery, some world where everything makes sense and happens just as it should – poker ain’t it.

Still, I haven’t played much recently, since it’s rare that I find myself with the time to play and the alertness level required to play well. Possessing both at the time, I fired up Full Tilt and registered for peep-sex. (Hello unsuspecting google visitors!). After obtaining a nice stack for myself, I donked off a good portion of it and decided to open up another, having no confidence in my ability to pull it out in the first one.

While I ended up further than I thought I’d get in the first tourney, I still finished 6th – no money or token for me. Luckily I had built a nice stack in my second tourney, and finished that one with a token.

I took a break for dinner and did some housework, thinking about the token that was burning a hole in my virtual pocket, but torn on the issue of using it. The devil appeared on my shoulder, reminding me that I’m never this alert and rested this time of night, so what better time to play a tourney than now? The angel appeared to remind me that I did have reading to do, and in fact had planned to do that very thing this evening.

Screw the angel.

I, along with 771 others, signed up for the 17k on Full Tilt. I finished 17th. There may be something cosmic there, I’m not sure. I’m probably buying a lottery ticket using the numbers 7, 17, 77, and 71 in the near future though.

I attribute my success to patience, a few smart laydowns (Kings!! I laid down Kings dammit!!) and several suckouts. Twice I got my money all-in with a dog – overcards vs overcards – and flopped the straight. Then rivered the best one. The best suckout though was the one where it really looked like it was all over. Until CJ appeared.

Blinds at 1K/2K, with a 250 ante, I raise all-in for 14,884 from UTG+1 with Kc Jd. I’m called by As Th. Flop is Td Qc 3c, and the turn brings the 3s. CJ then calls for a nine in the table chat, and the poker Gods respond to their favorite son with the 9s on the river, doubling me up to continue the good fight.

Lately I’ve been in a dry spell, slump, cold decked, dead to the card fairy, whatever you want to call it. A quick check of the Poker Tracker shows that perception isn’t too far off. The difference tonight was that not only did the pretty cards come around a wee bit more often, they actually came in spots where I could do something with them. I also focused more on the basics of the game, and didn’t try to make moves on everyone, or feel like everyone was trying to pull one over on me. And several times I was a total luckbox, which is a lot of fun.

Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the support of the best railbirds evar – Chad, CJ, Joanne, JoeSpeaker, Otis, BoobieLover, and PokerWolf. You guys rock. Except for Alan, who needs to just stay the fuck away until his voodoo curse is lifted.