Someone needs to learn her lesson…

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Because I clearly didn’t learn it with regards to the whole “9 am Astronomy class” thing, the least I could do is learn it with regards to the whole “actually get my ass to class thing”. Yea…really should do that.

It’s way too damn hot. Anyone noticed that? Fall needs to hurry the hell up. I have a test tomorrow in Geology regarding what makes the seasons and such…ask me later about that. lol

I am so easily annoyed by these kids who stand in the middle of the freakin sidewalks talking to people, totally oblivious to the world around them…do they not see those of us who actually have places to be? I mean really. Hate them. Want to push them. Or hit them with my backpack, were there not a rather expensive laptop inside. I think UT needs to add a required course…Common Sense/Common Courtesy. I could teach it. Or at the very least be one hell of a TA. Or be the TA from hell, depends on how you look at it. Or how stupid you are.

Yes, I am tired and worn out and tad bitchy. But the point is a valid one. OK, off to study for another test. (Just bombed my Astronomy test). Think good thoughts for me.