Some of us have more than others

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I really do have a great family, even when they’re driving me a little nuts. I promised them I would be at the lake Sunday morning. For me, that means when I wake up. Well, when you don’t go to bed till 3am…morning comes around noonish. I expected the phone calls to start around then; harrasment for why I wasn’t there yet. Given the lushness of my family, I shouldn’t have been too surprised really when the phone did ring and the message I got was “If you have tequila, bring it” – no mention of my lateness or questions of when I would arrive.

Spent the day on the lake, tooling around in my uncle’s boat. Loved that. We went out again at night for the fireworks show, which was an interesting experience, given the moonless night and the high number of drunken fools. Two of which were sitting back on the porch at home, and swore to us upon our arrival that they had seen aliens. At that point, we cut my mother and aunt off, but not before they had drunk dialed everyone else in the family. Then I was made DJ for the evening, downloading songs at their request, since the ones on my iTunes were not up to their standards. So today I have a large amount of George Strait that I need to remove from the computer. (And I don’t want to hear it Jaxia!! Nothing against the man, it’s just not my type of music!)

Speaking of things “i”, damn you Apple! Why must you taunt me so? Freakin’ color screen that I don’t have…*grumble, grumble* [BTW, does anyone else find the fact that Apple is touting the new iPod as being “podcast ready” as kinda funny? “I would sure as hell hope so!”] Shelly, buy the damn thing, you won’t regret it. I have not upgraded to the new iTunes version because rumor has it that it’s somewhat buggy, and while so is my current version, at least it doesn’t wipe away my entire library, which would pretty much cause me to have a major breakdown. And speaking of libraries –

Last 10 songs I imported to the iPod:

1. Bridges and Balloons – The Decemberists
2. pinkFerdinand – Alex H
3. Pop The Music – Trim
4. I’ll Love You Til My Veins Explode – Paper Cranes
5. Sing Me Spanish Techno – The New Pornographers
6. Beautiful to Me – Little Birdy
7. Everything Must Converge – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
8. Girl Like You – Silver Screen
9. Rest of our Lives – Mike Ness
10. You And Me – Little Brazil

I hope everyone has a great Fourth. Read Tony today if you haven’t already, and celebrate all the independence you have in whatever way you choose.