So you want a post, huh?

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I find when there is thinking to be done, there is nothing better than a road trip. Hence my decision earlier this week to make the trek to South Carolina, and my decision Friday night that Mexican food sounded really good for dinner…from my favorite restaurant in Houston.

Armed with my recently healed iPod, I hit the road and spent the weekend with the parents. I did not take a poker book with me. In fact, aside from one awesomely good time game at the metroplaza, I haven’t played a hand in over a week.

I won’t be playing for a while, in fact. As part of my drive-time thinking, my thoughts naturally went to poker. What I decided was:

1) As I am not particularly enjoying my summer school class, what I should have done was instead spend my free time (it is summer, after all) and study my game instead. Not Congress. There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t treat the game as a subject worthy of intense study. I’m talking highlighters, post-it flags, the whole nine yards. Until now I’ve been content with what I picked up from great minds, and have managed to keep my head above water. But that’s not satisfying. I recalled a conversation I had earlier this year where I made the remark that in a year, I wouldn’t still be at the .25/.50 tables. Well…short of depositing more money into Neteller, I’ll still be there unless I change something. And while I have it on very good authority that my “game is coming along” and I’m improving, I’m also told that “it needs a lot of work”. Which I knew, on the latter part at least.

Poker is about having an advantage over your opponents. Things like position, having the best cards in your hand, and simple knowledge of the game all contribute to give you the ultimate advantage in a game. But everyone knows about position. And everyone knows to play the best cards, even if they don’t do it all the time. Those things are simple. What separates the good players from the bad, and the great from the good, is knowledge and experience. I have experience, what I lack in is knowledge. I read plenty, but don’t take it in like I should. I should be taking notes, making charts, etc. – just as if I was studying for an exam. After all, time at the tables is really nothing more than a test – a test of skill, courage, and wits.

Thus we have decision #2:

No poker for me until I have this memorized cold. Feel free to quiz me if you catch me online. (But dammit, give me a day or two!) And all reading from this point forward will be done in a manner much like the one I use when reading a textbook. This means I really have to get more black ink for the printer, as it’s hard to highlight blog posts…

At any rate, that’s my goal. Hopefully I can get it done in time for Heafy’s Honeymoon Classic. If not, I’ll just find some other way to contribute to the cause. πŸ™‚