So wrong

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So it wasn’t my biggest loss of the night. But it was my first, and it was large, and it came at the hands of you. You who taught me how to play well, now beat me routinely by playing trash like that.

You posts the small blind of $.10.
Me posts the big blind of $.25.


Someguy raises to $.50. You call. Me re-raises to $1. Someguy folds. Some other guy calls. You call.

Flop (board: 5h 8c 7h):

You checks. Me bets $1.25. Some other guy folds.
You calls.

Turn (board: 5h 8c 7h 2c):

You checks. Me checks.

River (board: 5h 8c 7h 2c Kc):

You bets $2.25. Me raises to $5.
You calls.


Me shows As Ks.
Me has As Ks 8c 7h Kc: a pair of kings.
You shows 5c Tc.
You has 5c Tc 8c 2c Kc: flush, king high.

Hand #4143385-14851 Summary:

$.75 is raked from a pot of $15.50.
You wins $14.75 with flush, king high.

I didn’t type anything in the chat, but you wanna take some guesses as to what I said out loud once they flipped? šŸ˜‰

I don’t even have to explain myself to you. (But for those reading along and interested…the bet on the flop – bluff, of course, I had re-raised pre-flop. Just because I didn’t hit the flop…doesn’t always matter.) You knew what I had all along. You might have doubted it on the turn, hence the check, (truthfully, that 2 probably put the fear of two pair in you), but I wasn’t going to play along with you…probably my mistake right there. I should have just come at you harder, and then you might have folded. The river of course was my death. I could waive it off on the distraction that occured right as the card fell, but it was my own fault for not cluing into the fact that there were three clubs on the board.

And hell yes I was pissed. Not (much) with you, because yes, you’re entitled to play whatever two cards you want in whatever manner you want. More with me, for again not stopping to think about what you might have had there, and for, quite frankly, assuming that you were full of shit.

You realize my next thought was that I can’t play with you anymore. Sitting with you is like sitting with a table full of bloggers – negative EV all the way around. And sure enough…it may only be a database from the three days of this week only, but it’s got 680 hands of mine in it at this moment, 309 for you – and who have I lost the most money to this week? You. That’s so wrong. (And you’re rating as a dice now, btw – LA P. I’m still a mouse. At least I’m consistent!)

I’m conflicted – on the one hand, I have to be able to play against all playing styles…consider all the cards out there that might be able to beat me, determine if my opponent really does have those cards, and decide if I’m really willing to put myself to the test and see. I know that’s what you’re doing when you raise my blinds every damn time; that it’s not personal (even though it sometimes feels like it). However, we don’t get many of your kind at .10/.25 – and you’re kinda killin me. I’m back to where I was a week ago, about to have to drop down a level due to my bankroll! Oh, I’m learning all right…thanks to you, some late night early morning chats, and postings from poker players far better than I. That big pot I took, when I had KJ, and the flop was 3J3 and I just smooth-called every bet he made? That was beautiful, and it was a result of those two. Sorry, you don’t get credit for that one. šŸ™‚ But again – I’m going to grow myself out of a bankroll if I’m not careful.

I guess it comes down to this. DoubleAs told me “Also, be prepared for bigger swings with added aggression. Adding more variance to your game is good if you’re the better player, but it can be frustrating.” Between the two of us…we know who the better player is. Normally we use our Tracker databases to find the people we take the most money from, and avoid the ones we lose the most to like the plague. Yet I find myself in the opposite situation every time I sit down. Again…so wrong.

I don’t want you to go away…there’s nothing like being able to analyze a hand with someone right after it occured. (Or over-analyze it even. ;)) Don’t get me wrong – I love ya. I just can’t afford ya.