So what did you do today?

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I got up, sat down at the computer, checked my e-mails to see how things were going with the study group (I somehow end up being the de facto manager for things like that…I don’t know why…I don’t like it. I suppose it’s because, well, it’s the manager in me coming out. But really, I’d much rather have someone else take over and just tell me what to do. I tried to make things be fair and equitable workload wise and ended up looking like an idiot apparently. So fuck that. Guess I should be more manager like and just tell people how it’s gonna be and not really care if it’s fair, huh? WOW. Tangent. Sorry!) and noticed that G-Rob was playing at UB. Well…I spent all day yesterday being a good girl, reading all about opinion polls and methods for predicting the president, and fell asleep only once (Dude – you would have too) so I felt a break was in order, right? Right.

G-Rob was at a .10/.25 table though…and because of my recent losses lessons, I’ve been playing .05/.10 (obeying that 300BB rule and all). However…I don’t think I can take that any more, as Tony and I have been discussing. Those people are nuts. J6 good for calling a $5 all-in? Sure, why not?? It’s s00000ted!! And then they win. Plus, if you’re playing winning poker, you’re playing winning poker, right? Right. [And then if you lose it all, you go back and read this little paragraph right here and tell yourself to shut up your damn crying.]

So I sit with G-Rob, a Pauly imposter, and Daddy is on the rail briefly. Then along comes Al…I mean, how cool is that? Is this what I normally miss by not being up before noon on a Sunday? Plus, I’m getting cards. Which is surprising, given that G-Rob and I are together. I flopped a set twice (odds of flopping a set: 8.3/1 or 10.8%) and got jacks, queens, and kings (none of which saw any action, but that’s OK). G-Rob and Al leave, I continue away, because it appears the cards like me.

Oh really? Fickle little bastards they are.

I get Qd 2c in the BB, no one raises so I play it. Flop comes quite nicely Qs 2s 7d (odds of two pair on the flop, from your two hole cards: 49/1 or 2%) and it’s bet .25 by the guy on my right. I call along with 2 others (and yes, I see the spades). Turn comes Ks (odds of improving to a flush from the flop to turn: 4.2/1 or 19%), guy to my right bets .25 again, this time I really see the spade and raise to $1, get two callers. Thing is…I don’t think any of them have the flush. River is Kc – guy on my right checks, I bet $2, guy to my left raises to $4, guy to my right folds, and I call. Odds of improving to a full house from the turn to the river? 11/1, or 9%. Odds were with the guy on my left that hand, not with me. [And you know what…you don’t feel quite so bad about losing $6 when you look at it that way. Dammit, Hank’s right again!!]

Oh…I had one stupid moment. I hate baby Aces. I hate teenage Aces. As a general rule, if an Ace didn’t bring along a friend with a face…we’re gonna have problems. So, when I found myself in the BB with Ad 8c…what, no one could do me a favor and raise me? Because, of course, the flop was 7d 4h Ac. (Now, if there had been an 8 on that flop, well then…I wouldn’t have minded at all). Nope, I had to get all agressive, and bet my ace, knowing damn good and well mine wasn’t the only one. I got 2 callers. Turn was 7h, I bet again, get same two callers (what?? no one thinks I might have the 7????). River was Qh. I bet again, get only one caller, of course, this one being the one that holds AQ. Sad thing was, I knew all along I was up against a bigger ace…I just couldn’t stop myself. I guess I thought perhaps my awesome bluffing powers would get them to lay the hand down? No. My self-destructive nature just stopped by to say “hi”.

Al had commented right before he left on how tight my table was…and he was right. I think he convinced them to loosen up though. One hand, raising and re-raising, finally two guys end up all-in, one has KK, the other AA. Final board is Ts 6d Ac Js 8h. One guy at the table told the winner that it hurt him to watch that. Yea…tell me about it…I folded KQ pre-flop. (Odds of making a straight from a gutshot straight draw from flop to turn: 11/1, or 9%)

I got my revenge though. I just wanted to play one more orbit…and ended up being so glad I did.

TexansBaby posts the small blind of $.10.
BobCat7 posts the big blind of $.25.


bigblueslick folds. AnM8tR folds. pfloyd1 folds.
choppbella folds. crackerjack1 folds. TexansBaby
calls. BobCat7 checks.

Flop (board: Qs 9d 8s):

TexansBaby bets $.25. BobCat7 raises to $1.25.
TexansBaby re-raises to $2.25. BobCat7 calls.

Turn (board: Qs 9d 8s 5d):

TexansBaby bets $5. BobCat7 goes all-in for $9.40.
TexansBaby calls.

River (board: Qs 9d 8s 5d 3s):

(no action in this round)


BobCat7 shows Kc 9s.
BobCat7 has Kc 9s Qs 9d 8s: a pair of nines.
TexansBaby shows Ah As.
TexansBaby has Ah As Qs 9d 8s: a pair of aces.

Hand #4372699-12501 Summary:

$1.15 is raked from a pot of $23.80.
TexansBaby wins $22.65 with a pair of aces.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Back to the books for me.