So there was this tourney…

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The Good:

  • First hand of the tourney I get pocket 10s and catch a set on the turn. Always a nice way to start things.
  • I get Aces (hello old friend!) in Level 3, and my preflop raise is called by two. We see a flop of Qh Jc 4c. I bet and get called by one. Turn is Js. I bet it out and am again called. River is a 6d and I bet all-in. If he’s got a jack, I’m toast. But I have him on two pair and/or flush draw. He calls with Ts Qs and MHIG.
  • Marty gets moved to my table. Bastard is sitting out, choosing instead to enjoy some beach in Hawaii than playing poker. The nerve.
  • I get pocket 2s and call a minimum raise. Then it’s re-raised. I call, since about half the table did as well, and my implied odds are quite nice if I hit my set. Flop is 9d 2d 6s. I bet 2/3 of the pot and get two calls. Turn is 7s and my bet takes it down there.
  • I get very lucky when I call an all-in with pocket 7s and find myself up against Queens. I catch a 7 on the flop.
  • A largeish stack at our table has been going all-in nearly every hand. I debate calling with AK, but decide to wait till I have a made hand. Queens come around in the BB, and I happily call. I’m up against Ac Qs, and it’s good-bye Ms. All-In.
  • I have support and encouragement from lots of railbirds, and they’re a big help.
  • Scott won an XBox, therefore there will be many more doggie play dates in the future. 🙂

The Bad:

  • I fold the Hammer.
  • I get a little card dead. 5 hands in a row – J2o, J4s, J3s, J2o, J2o. “I will not play you, Mr. Jack!!” However, the next hand of 5d 3s in the BB…that’s gold against a flop of Kc Ah Qc.
  • I’m out in 68th with AKo vs. 10s.

The Ugly:

  • Depsite the fact that I finished nicely, and managed to impress several players who I greatly respect, I am still unhappy with my performance. Not with the way I played, because aside from not bullying enough, and my lucky 7s (never should have been in the hand with them), I’m happy with my play. But if I played so well, why didn’t I finish higher? The Cock and the Antichrist (sounds like a bad movie right there) tell me I shouldn’t be disappointed and to let it go, and the Princess tells me it’s totally okay to be upset. All are very helpful.
  • If an effort to get me back on the horse, Jason suggests a little two-table SnG over at Full Tilt. I’m out in 16th place when my turned broadway straight runs into a runner-runner flush. Horrible play at FT, really. Just didn’t quite work in my favor this time.