So that’s why this blog is red…

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School is over on Friday (well, classes are at least, I have a final paper due in one Government class, and then two tests the week after), so don’t expect to see much of me at the poker tables anytime soon.

I’ve already been accused of skirting my academic responsibilites to spend time with cards and chips instead. I have a test in one of my Government classes this Friday, and as per the usual routine, the review was split between myself and the three smartest, coolest, funniest, and best-looking guys in the class. I had a paper due for another class Monday, so I was going to be the late one turning my part in. I begged forgiveness –

I know, I am so getting kicked out of the bloc for this, aren’t I?

Untrusting little bastards…

What do you say, guys? Should we cut her loose??? She was probably playing poker all morning…


april either

a): does not realize that “this is not a poker break”

b): is out celebrating may day, the fucking commie.

Man, the story of my life – always checking my e-mail late and having to pick up the slack from a poker-lovin’ commie…

For the record, I just submitted my portion, save one little detail…


My plan this week is to go to class, work, and study. Oh, and write that final paper, which I fully intended to have done WEEKS ago and looked at by brighter minds than myself. *cough* Hank *cough* Sigh…best laid plans. My reward will be this (Halverson, you wanna go?) and a visit from my mother. Yep… How long till Vegas Joe?

OK, one more!

Brent and I have this cross-cultural musical exchange thing going on – kinda like NAFTA but without all the 18-wheelers with bald tires on I-35. But we need someone from South of the border to represent! Mark, you wanna step up? I’m all about new music – go check out the band Brent linked up in his latest post, they’re good, and hey – they even have a Wilco connection.

This one will be short –

Candyfloss – Wilco
Undercover – Pete Yorn
Straight To You – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Born To Die – MT
Take Me to the Earth – bedbug
FirecrackerHot IQs
Pride and Joy – Stevie Ray Vaughn
JungleThe Sleepwalkers [Last year’s site, but the links appear to be good. I put this on my “Best of SXSW” CD last year; my best friend loves this song]
The Temple – Destroyer
Seed 2.0 – The Roots