So *That’s* what that feels like.

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Played my first tournament in months, entering the 2k Guaranteed Razz tournament and finishing third. I was 16th out of 16 when we made the money, 8th out of 8th when we made the final table, and was never more than 2nd to last in chips. But people kept making kamikaze moves and busting chasing rough 8’s against an obvious made 7 and I kept moving up.

Finally with four left I made some moves and got some chips. Karina Jett was on my left and she never had decent hole cards to challenge my raises. Lucky for me, I think. I busted another guy in 4th and we traded antes for almost two levels before Karina finally busted me, chasing and getting there. The blinds were high enough that the hand played itself, but I had a 7 on 5th and it kinda stung.

In any case, 260 bucks for me, not bad for not being much of a poker player anymore.