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About a month ago Roomie and I were discussing some of our former coworkers, and one in particular. She was the embodiment of a storybook witch, a bitter hag of a woman who spread misery everywhere she went. While trading war stories, I said to Roomie “You know, I should thank her really. If not for her I wouldn’t have gone back to school when I did.”

“What? Did she talk to you about it something?”

“No… but one day we were arguing over some policy and she pissed me off so much I said to myself ‘Fuck this place, I don’t need this shit; I have a degree to finish.'”

And so I did.


And in keeping with that theme, and still riding the second wind one gets upon completion of the last final exam evar, here’s my 7 random things – all educational. [If you’re confused, check with these two hotties]

1. I’ve made friends every semester I’ve been in college, but there is only one I’m still in contact with. Together we are the perfect example of what Government majors do – he’s finishing up his first year at Georgetown Law and I’m likely never going to do anything governmentally related. He was the first person I texted this evening upon exam completion and he did not let studying for a constitutional law final keep him from telling me how proud he was. (And that’s why he rules)

2. Circa middle school, I gave serious thought to attending an arts school and focusing study on photography. I decided against it because it just didn’t seem practical and shoved the serious interest away for many years.

3. I met my oldest friend in day care at the age of 4. He lived on the street right behind mine and we walked to school every day up until high school, when I began to drive us. He was known for having the messiest desk in the entire school and one day in 3rd grade I was asked to bring to him the homework he had missed due to illness. Our teacher decided to take advantage of his absence and dumped his entire desk contents into a paper sack and sent it home with me. I don’t know if you’ve ever carried a bag full of paper before, but it’s kinda heavy. I lugged it the four streets over to his house, rang his doorbell, dropped it at his feet when he answered and then turned and walked away.

4. Before I was born, my mother taught at the middle school I would eventually attend, and by that I mean she nearly gave birth to me in class because she absolutely refused to believe she was going into labor. In my 7th grade Texas History class we had to move classrooms during the year and moved into my mother’s old classroom… where my teacher promptly informed my classmates of the special significance.

5. I lettered 4 times in high school – twice for debate, once for soccer, and once for football. I never actually played any sports, but I was a student athletic trainer and therefore part of the team. When it rains my “old football injury” acts up and my right knee starts to hurt, thanks to many seasons of kneeling on Astroturf. (And save the jokes, I’ve already heard them all)

6. The only classes I’ve ever failed have been math. Once in high school, for which I spent my summer making up the credit, and once in college. I’m truly terrible at it and have made peace with it. Yet I’m drawn to people who are good at it and every man I’ve ever dated has carried at least a math minor or some other similar specialization.

7. You know that recurring dream people have where they’re in a class and it’s final exam day, but they haven’t been to class all semester? For me? Not a dream. Long fascinated by Astronomy, I picked it for my science concentration and my second semester in college I signed up for a class all about space-time continuums and stuff. It was taught by one of the head scientists on the Hubble project and I’m sure was absolutely wonderful, but as it met at 9 am and as I lived on the other end of town and was quickly finding more interesting things to do with my time (i.e., future husband) I never went. One of the few times I did go I arrived to find there was a test and I… I was unprepared to say the least. I skipped the final exam in that class because nothing was going to keep me from failing so what was the point? God I was 19 and stupid.

And now, to find 7 of you who haven’t already been tagged and then to see if one can fall asleep after downing 4 Energy VitaminWaters in a day. [The fact that I am acutely aware of my heart beating is probably not a good sign…]

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