So it’s done

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Last test taken…and damn was it hard! Of course, it probably didn’t help that when my mind would go blank on a question, my mind would then go into “replaying hands from this weekend’s poker playing” mode. If only I could get a course on something poker-related. (Nope on Game Theory…already checked)

So as of noonish today, I offically became a poker bum. And so far I’m off to a great start. Made 180BB in about an hour at one table (now remember though, this is .10/.25, so it’s not like I’m heading out to Hawaii in a week or something. Well…I am, but not on my bankroll winnings)

At any rate, it’s nice to have nothing to do but what I love. Oh, and pick the kid up every day this week…sure would suck to forget that. [“I know, I know, I’m late, I’m sorry…but I was in the middle of a really juicy game and I couldn’t leave…you understand sweetie!”] Plus, it takes the mind off the whole waiting for the grades thing…

A big fat WELCOME BACK to my fellow bloggers who rubbed elbows with the poker elite (and each other) in Vegas this past weekend. Big congrats to Felicia for winning the tournament! Glad y’all had fun, wish I could have been there. [Did I hide my jealousy well? No? Huh.] See Pauly, Bill, and Maudie for write-ups…others will be coming in soon I’m sure.

Now about that kid…