Snow. In Texas.

Occasionally, we do get some. Like the native Texan dork my tundra-bound friends know me to be, nothing gets me out of bed quicker than the news that snow is falling outside. What began as a slight dusting with snowflakes you had to squint to see soon turned in to an actual real live snowfall. I of course have a few pictures already, and likely will have more before the day is done, but this one is my current favorite:

And yes, I took video too:


5 thoughts on “Snow. In Texas.

  1. sirfwalgman says:

    We call that frost here in New England.. it looks like snow, but it is just the cold morning dew freezing.. Now if you want SNOW come up here!!!

  2. pokerpeaker says:

    Good to talk to you last night.

    I have screwed up. In changing my blog I forgot to include my ad for Pokerblog. I thought PokerBlog was dead?

    What’s the deal?

    I’ll contact my account rep.

  3. ROFL dude. Snow sucks ass.

  4. Joanada says:

    If you add about a foot more of snow and change Vegas into a cat, it would be just like looking into my back yard!

    Crazy shit fo sho though.

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