Slippery Slope

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For most of my time in Austin, I lived in a big fancy apartment at the top of a big hill. It was a beautiful place – huge balcony that looked onto the woods, super quiet neighborhood, garage, and a monthly rent payment greater than most people’s mortage payments. Naturally, it was a gated property – a huge iron gate that spent a great deal of time wide open, and when actually closed, could still be easily accessed through the code clearly printed on the call box outside. Yet still, on more than one occasion, someone felt it neccessary to drive through the closed gate, knocking it off its hinges. It would then land on the roadside, looking as if it was casually tossed aside by some giant on his way to visit friends. Weeks of repair work would then ensue, as attaching an iron gate back to its hinges isn’t really a simple task.

I always wondered exactly how drunk you had to be to decide that ramming your truck through an iron gate was a good thing. (I always assumed it was a truck, because I don’t think a car could have done it and then still be drivable). That it was fun, or convenient, or that you seriously thought it was the only way by which your could obtain access to your home. How much liquor would it take to enter such a frame of mind?

I should have asked this guy –

This was the view from my front door Friday morning. Seeing as how most of my fellow residents are under the influence of one thing or another nightly, it’s a bit impressive that no one has ever rammed the gate here. Perhaps it’s because, unlike the expensive apartments at the top of the hill, the residents here don’t really have money to burn on unneccesary auto body work.

I’m not sure what the line of thinking was here. Perhaps the gate surrounding the parking lot of the neighboring apartments and the gate surrounding the parking lot here were a little hard to see, so driving down a steep hill to get to the next parking lot seemed like a perfectly reasonable course of action. After all, it would be the quickest way to get to Taco Cabana. Perhaps, since the gates here close at dusk, the driver was unable to get in through the front enterance and therefore decided to try the back way. Whatever it was…I bet it was fun.