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No time nor condition for a real recap, but in response to requests for something up here on the topic:

Tonight was Day 3, and really the first day I had bands I really wanted to see – namely Dr. Dog and Tapes N’ Tapes, both playing the same showcase at Cedar Door. Since Dr. Dog was going on up against Vampire Weekend, I didn’t expect to see quite the long line I was up against, but what the hell; it’s open air so I could at least still hear and maybe I could make it in for the Tapes N’ Tapes show, right? This is all good in theory. In reality, it is Friday and the SXSW crowd has actually gotten a hell of a lot bigger. [Still! Vampire Weekend people! Don’t you know where you’re supposed to be??] I never did make it in for the Dr. Dog show, and just gave up for the Tapes N’ Tapes, but had one hell of a good time in line.

There was the couple that was in a band whose names I forget; then there was Destiny and her boyfriend who had the badge but she only had the wristband, and her friend Laura who was sneaking back and forth from the bar bringing us drinks while we waited in line. Laura – I can’t thank you enough for that $16 dirty martini, it was indeed the best I’ve ever had. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve never had a $16 martini before, though I’m pretty damn sure that was the first. And Destiny, it’s only been 5 hours but I miss you already. Like the time that guy asked you for a pen cause your purse was so big so he assumed you had to have one and you then proceeded to rattle off the exact contents of your purse to him, right down to the tampon – that was pretty damn funny. And the “line dissuader” scheme we came up with? That’s gonna be a big hit. And random girl who didn’t even have so much as a wristband yet thought she was gonna get in the show? You were funny in ways you didn’t even know.

Once the little line crew broke up, I headed back to 6th Street to see if my 1am show selection (Destroyer) was going to be possible. Given that the 12am show was the “She and Him” combo of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward I was pretty sure the answer was “no fucking way” and I was indeed correct. So I wandered into Maggie Mae’s where the Canadians had taken over the downstairs and were getting a little rowdy. Decent enough, and served my main need (read: booze). [BTW Alix, damn you for mentioning 7 & vodka; my booze budget just doubled.] However, there was some seriously good sounds coming from upstairs and a line was starting to form to get up there… further investigation was needed. No idea who the hell was playing, apparently few people had any idea who it was – they were just coming in from the street drawn in by the sound from the rooftop. I caught the last half of the set, and that alone made the night. Absolutely amazing. Right after the show ended, the guy next to me turned and said “Do you know who that was?” I replied “No, but, that was…” and simultaneously we finished “fucking awesome.” The band was The Whip, and they’re from Manchester. In Paul Ford’s Six-Word Reviews of the SXSW Showcasing Artist’s Mp3s over at The Morning News he reviews their song as “this song makes me crave cock” so you know it’s good.

Full write-up later. Having fun, wish you were here. For those of you that ARE in Austin, wristbands and badges or no, do join us for SXSW Recovery brunch this Sunday at the Irie Bean Coffee House!