silence means security silence means approval

So… Halverson is now posting more frequently than I am?

I should be ashamed.

I’ve got posts, they’re just unfinished, and the time to complete them never seems to find itself. [Lame Blogger Excuse #10010; I know] Things will get good around here again soon, I promise.

But look! This past weekend I fulfilled a very important obligation as Aunt April and took Baby to his first baseball game –


Sadly, the Astros lost (in typical “let’s play like crap the whole game then omg it’s the 9th here let’s suddenly turn awesome” fashion) but they were playing the Diamondbacks, Baby’s mother’s favorite team; so it was all good – as I said to her at the bottom of the 7th, “Deep down I know you’re really happy with the score.”


Yes, Baby has a real name. No, we do not use it.


Never too early to get him trained on the joys of a bottle at the ballpark. Kid outdrank me!

4 thoughts on “silence means security silence means approval

  1. pokerpeaker says:

    I can tell he’s an April relative cause he’s cute as hell!

  2. Chris Halverson says:


    ‘Nuff said :)

  3. platkat says:

    CUTE!! You’ll be happy to know that Miss I-Hate-All-Sports-Except-Poker (Me) went to a Mariners game recently. I even had fun!

  4. I never write your blog but now I should do. He has a WSOP Champ’s eyes. :)

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