Signing off…

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I’ve been in Houston for 2 hours now and already Vegas is spoiled. He also discovered the full-length mirror in the hallway and is trying his damnedest to get at that other dog. At least my father’s laptop works…it’s just like mine, except the keyboard feels newer and the space bar isn’t worn out on the left side.

I came down not only to drop off the dog and cat, but to switch cars with my dad for the trip to Bradoween. 3 people in a Mustang just isn’t comfy, regardless how long the trip. Borrowing the Volvo will make things a little more enjoyable.

I’m driving to South Carolina with my best friend Nancy and her husband Bill. Both of them are from SC, and their family still lives there. They haven’t seen them in years. When I decided to make the drive to G-Vegas, I asked Nancy if she wanted to come along. Road trips are more fun with friends after all. Having someone to share the driving and gas bill with doesn’t hurt either.

I realized on my way here that in just two days I’ll be with some of my favorite people in the world. It’s awesome, and I can’t wait. It’s even more special since my father confirmed for me tonight that our family Christmas is indeed scheduled the same weekend as the next WPBT Vegas trip. (So, to all of you going – I hate you and you suck. :D)

Hopefully Maigrey is bringing her laptop to G-Vegas (ppsssttt…bring your laptop Maigsy) and we can then upload pics and such, and maybe even bring you some drunk blogging. Everyone loves a drunk blogger. I’m sure we’ll have video too…unlike Gracie’s camera, mine can record for hours…

I suppose I should take the dog out and then hit the sack – lot of driving to do tomorrow. And lots to do as well…

1. Wake up, debate getting on road immediately or making use of mom’s double ovens and whipping up a Bradoween treat.

2. Say goodbye to Vegas and Little Sister, then drive back to Austin without constant meowing from the passenger seat.

3. Pack, making sure to not forget Al’s present as well as the goodies for my sista bloggers. Oh, and the camera.

4. Buy a Road Atlas. Not that I don’t trust Bill & Nancy for directions, but….I like to have one anyway.

4b. Program DVR to record Celebrity Poker Showdown (can’t believe I almost forgot that!!) and season finale of Six Feet Under.

5. Put in a few hours at the office.

6. Upon call from Nancy, head home, load car, and leave!

7. Arrive in G-Vegas and immediately begin work on convincing Iggy to make the trip for the APBWPBTI.

8. Kick G-Rob.

Yes, we’re driving all night. Nancy tells me I’m going to be exhausted Friday. Maybe. Still won’t stop me from staying up all night…why should G-Vegas be any different from Vegas-Vegas?? Aside from the fact that I usually try to stay somewhat sober while in Vegas. Calls for dial-a-shots are welcome, those of you who made the Vegas trip in June should have the number. [Scott, have Brooke dial for you when you’re doped up on the sleep meds, OK?]