Sick, Tired, but Happy

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I’m not sure what bizarre virus has hit the poker blogger community, but a lot seem to have come down with something lately, [yay] myself included. Spent Thanksgiving with the family, then woke up Friday feeling pretty crummy, and have since then been pretty much either been asleep or bumming around the house.

In between naps I have managed to play some poker of course. I should be studying for the 3 tests I have this week (last week of classes…happy yet scared) but haven’t had the mental energy for that…decisions of whether to bet, raise, or fold come like second nature. The first time I played (after the freeroll tourney) wasn’t that great…but I read someone (I really should be better about remembering who if I plan on quoting this stuff later, plus if it has such an effect on me, you would think I would…but I digress…) who said that they weren’t sure they had the heart for NL anymore…and that made me think about my own situation…because really, was I playing tight, or playing scared? Afraid of losing those precious few dollars I had left? I was so happy to end any night a few dollars up, but I wasn’t really playing the game…just clicking the fold button because those hole cards weren’t quite perfect enough. Too scared.

So I made a decision. I would buyin to my regular table with the max, $25, and whatever happened, happened. I wasn’t going to play stupid, mind you, but I wasn’t going to be scared. I decided to have some confidence in myself. It helped that I had just done so well in the freeroll the day before. It helped that I had laid down hands that I thought would have been the winners…and sure enough, would have.

SO. What happened? Well…long story short, I’ve nearly tripled my bankroll in 2 days. Granted, it wasn’t a huge bankroll to begin with, but still…that’s a pretty awesome feeling. That first night, I started one table with $25, left with nearly $50, then bought into another with $25, and left with over $50. Did the same last night, leaving with nearly $50.

What do I mean by being too tight/scared? Well, for instance…just because the board pairs and someone bets, doesn’t mean they have a set…could just mean they made two pair, and you did too, but you have the higher kicker (oh my do they looovvveee their two pairs at UB…and the concept of kickers – totally lost on them), but in the past – I would completely have dropped the hand at that point, for fear of the set. And I read the board too much, and not position…for instance, I did lose a bit on a hand where I had two pair, but lost to a straight. Why? Because I really didn’t think someone would be playing 2 4 from MP. SB/BB, maybe…but MP? 2/4? WTF? But sure enough…oh well. Made it all back and then some with aces on the next hand. But I had dropped what was probably the winner when the flop came rags a few days prior, I was the BB, and I had flopped two pair…I bet, I get raised by the button. I fold. I thought about it later…and at the point…even if he had aces, I had him beat. The only hand that beat me was like 10/4…and who plays that from the button? (But let me tell ya how my Kings got cracked by 7/5 that was called for a pre-flop raise…poker karma is catching up with me for my 7/5 in the freeroll…that’s been the devil hand of my existence the past few days).

I suppose this underscores the importance of the 300BB bankroll rule. It’s easier to take that chance that your opponent really didn’t make the set, really doesn’t have the flush, etc. when you can handle losing your buyin for the night. Making that decision with myself psychologically had a big impact on my game. I’ve been itching to get back to the .25/.50 tables, where I feel I “belong”, but I’m being a good girl [no fun], and I’m not going till I’ve got everything where it should be. And I might even wait till I’m totally evened out…we’ll see how long the fish keep swimming. 😉

On a side note – Coolest. Shit. Ever.
As a UB player, I was kinda bummed that it was so hard to get hand histories for PokerTracker. Not anymore. Check this baby out.
THEN, once I get that going, I get Tracker’s auto-import set up, then I get this puppy up and running. Totally sweet. As someone on the forums put it, my screen looks like a Christmas tree, but I like it. 😀 Thanks to Halverson via Henry for the info. Those of you who play at Party and the skins, go check out his site for links to a way to get rid of the chairs and dealer, etc. when you play.

I suppose if I’m well enough to blog, I’m well enough to study, huh?