Shooting Star

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If you’re not hitting refresh every couple of minutes on Jason’s tourney coverage over at Bluff, you’re missing out –

Hellmuth was down to 7K by that point. The rest of his chips went in during another hand with Chip Reese. Another player was in the hand with the two of them, and all three players checked the A-Q-J flop. The 4 of hearts hit the turn, putting a flush draw on the board. The 1-seat bet 1K, Reese raised to 4K, and Hellmuth moved all-in for his last 3K. The 1-seat called, and he and Reese checked down the river 2. Reese turned up K-T for the flopped Broadway straight, which was good enough to beat the Poker Brat’s Q-T of hearts.

To his credit, Hellmuth didn’t blow up when he was eliminated. He was obviously unhappy, but he signed the “I Busted Phil Hellmuth” bounty t-shirt as Reese collected the $5,000 without saying much of anything – even as the players around him indirectly ribbed him. He did, however, take one of the $100 bills from Reese’s bounty and sign it with this inscription:

“Chip – You’re a lucky son of a bitch. Phil Hellmuth.”

One thing is absolutely sure – there’s never a dull moment when Phil Hellmuth is involved. The room just doesn’t sparkle with anticipation once he’s left it.

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