Seems like old times

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I am exhausted. My weekend was long and my day was too. I told Sir after my last class today, “I need sleep and cards”. Right now I’m 1 for 2.

The familiar chime of Ultimate Buddy alerted me to the presence of a fellow blogger on UB. I technically needed to go to the mall, but it was right at 5pm, and I really didn’t want to fight traffic. Plus, we had so much fun last time we played together…

It was a regular blogger fest as we were joined by such blogging elite as G-Rob, DoubleAs, and BSN.

I’ll let you get the details on my most winning hand of the night from Mourn himself. Suffice to say, I have mixed emotions about it.

My 2nd most winning hand came with the hammer! –; Preflop I raised to $1.35 and got 2 callers. Flop was Th Jc 4h. Checked to me, I bet $4.65 and get one caller. At the turn I was prepared to check, but I paired my 7! I bet $7 (hellooo!! major tell) and he called. River comes 2d, even better, and I bet $10, and he folds, showing 5h 6h.

Boy, was he pissed.

I had my chip kingdom built up quite nicely and then saw it fall down before me. (“Hey, remember back when I had a $65 stack? That was nice…”). I have a tendency to do that. Oh, I still left up, so I can’t complain too much, but as I said to Mourn, you know that feeling you get when you realize you should have quit a long time ago? It’s not a good one. Oh well. Education isn’t free. [note to self – file renewal for financial aid]

I have thoughts about my game and the game in general, but they’re all still floating around, not yet solidified and ready for prime-time. Soon though. I will say that using this little PokerTracker thing helps a lot. 😉 OK, using it properly helps a lot.

All right, it’s late and did I mention that I am extremely tired? Thanks boys for the company tonight, bloggers + poker is always fun, and it was a great welcome back.