Saying Goodbye

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bittersweet – adj. producing or expressing a mixture of pain and pleasure

It’s 82 degrees and sunny in Austin, TX and I am offically done with classes for the Spring semester at the University of Texas.

And I am exhausted.

It’s been a long week of late nights, early mornings, good times, and bittersweet moments.

I always get a little sappy at the end of a semester. I don’t know why. I rarely get to know people in my classes. I’m more of a “get in, get info, get out” type – I’m not there to make friendships or connections. I can count on one hand the classes I had where I actually made any sort of friendships, and even less were they lasting. Most notable would be my second semester at UT when I met my now ex-husband in The History of Rock & Roll (had a group of people there, but only one connection obviously lasted). Last semester in my Math class I had an hour to kill before class so that led itself to meeting up with a few people before hand (and that was OK, but it really interrupted my blog-reading) and I ended up “friends” with one guy from that group, but that didn’t last. But even then, on the last day of classes…a part of me was really gonna miss those guys. We had been through a lot together, with our crazy but well-meaning professor.

And I find myself in the same situation now. Aside from some very notable exceptions in one government class, I never got to know anyone in my classes. But I found myself today leaving classes a little wistfully. I’m kinda going to miss frat boy wanna-be who sat next to me in my Sociology class who always came in reeking of liquor, and of course – I can’t forget Party Poker Guy. I won’t miss Barbie 1 & 2 though, or Whole Foods girl who felt the need to eat lunch two seats away from me every day during lecture.

I’ll miss my ex-NFL football player and my class clown. I’ll miss chain e-mail exchanges that make staying up studying till 4am and then getting up at 8am a little more bearable. (BTW, where was my drink outside the Education Building at 3pm?)

However none of this stopped me from saying my usual good-byes and then making my way across campus with a big smile on my face (test=easy), ready to come home and relax. I’m looking forward to finishing up the semester for good next week and then starting on my summer.

I see a lot of poker in my future…and a lot of Nevada…

But for right now, I see a lot of sleep.

First round is on me tomorrow.

Wake me up when the phone rings.