Save The Date – WPBT Winter Classic

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UPDATE: List of attendees is started here.
Working on a room block – Mirage is full, NYNY is full, MGM is full – checking TI, Luxor, Flamingo…

Normally I am loathe to tell you to be somewhere without telling you exactly where to be, but I’m going to now anyway.

The next WPBT Winter Classic will be December 9th, 2006, in Las Vegas, at a casino to be named.

If you were the guessing sort, you could take what you know of my desire for new places + love of things opulent and come up with a pretty damn good guess. Knowing of my Fiji Water vice would definitely seal it.

At any rate, I’ll update with details as soon as I have them. And if you don’t really care where we play or stay, you’re going to be there anyway, by all means start the RSVP’ing.

The one thing I do have on the schedule is the traditional mixed games at the MGM. That will be the evening of December 8th. The MGM is booked solid that weekend and cannot host our tourney due to a previously scheduled one, but knowing we can still be there Friday made me cry a little less.

No, I do not know if the rodeo will be in town that weekend, and a quick trip around the interwebs didn’t return an easy answer. However, given that the hotel rates are higher this weekend than just about any other in December (save New Year’s Eve of course) I would guess that cowboy hats and boots would be a viable fashion choice.

I am also in need of an assistant. The job doesn’t have a high workload by any means, but I might need help with random phone calls, e-mails, and most importantly, I need someone who will be arriving in Vegas either Thursday night (the 7th) or early Friday the 8th. Typically I arrive on Thursdays, but this time my last day of classes is December 8th and therefore I will literally be heading to the airport straight from campus. And yes, I will take bets on whether or not I actually go to my last class of the day. [Just kidding mom!!!] Back to the assistant thing – I just need to know there will be someone in town to handle any Thursday snafus or what not. If you’re willing and able, let me know.

Watch here for updates, and I’ll see you at a roulette table soon…