Saturday, July 8th – Caesars Palace – BE THERE

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I can now cross off the most important item off my list, as the tournament host for the Summer event has been decided. If you’re one of the many who has been wanting to check out the new Caesars poker room and the tournament poker room, mark your calender for 10 am, Saturday July 8th.

There is a lot of buzz about not only how nice the tournament room is, but also how great the tourney structures are. Their rebuy tourneys start out with 4K in chips, and freezeouts with 1,500 – both with 40 minute levels. Our tourney will be a $65+$15 (that equals $80 y’all) freezeout, with the $65 going to the prize pool and the $15 split between the house and the dealers. Everyone starts off with T4000, and blinds begin at 25/50, then double every 40 minutes. You can find an example of the structure here.

The tournament room has table-side dining, with offerings in the $7-$10 range. This should nicely balance out the cocktail service, because man can not survive on SoCo alone, unless you’re Al, and that covers only one of you. [Note to self: have poker room manager alert bar staff about SoCo requirement]

Next on my list is securing a group rate for us somewhere, but let me go ahead and preface that with the reminder that
a) we’re going on a weekend
b) in the middle of tourist season, and
c) during the WSOP.
In short, no place is really dying to give rooms away. There is a reason we all stayed at the Plaza last summer, and even they are charging around $70 for those dates, last I checked. At this point I have spoken to every hotel on the strip (minus Hooters; sorry Drizz) and the leading candidate is The Orleans. We’ll see if that remains at the end of Round Two.

Begin RSVPing/tourney sign-up…….now. [E-mail me] First 100 in for sure, may bump that up depending on how many wanna play.