Same thing we do every trip, Pinky

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I know this is going to come to a HUGE surprise to you all, but I’m in Vegas and currently under the weather. I know, it never happens. I’m just as shocked as you. I arrived with a sore throat and have since riden the rollercoaster of chills, fever, coughs, and general malaise. Currently I’m on the part of the ride that makes you feel really crummy and not want to move much. As much as I’d like to stick around the Rio and see if Hellmuth wins #10, a night of quality rest is far more important at this point.

At this point you’ve all no doubt heard about the crazy fun time that Spaceman, Otis, Pauly, Change100, Wil, and I had last Saturday night. I don’t have much to add to the tales, other than to say I bet that punk-ass Shane Nickerson is disappointed he didn’t call us like he said he would when he got into town that night. I haven’t played a lick of non-video poker, and believe it or not, I have not stepped foot into the MGM Grand. I have, however, become mesmerized by it’s green glory and failed to make a lane change or forgotten some other silly detail while driving. During the daytime though, when the bright shiny lights aren’t out to distract me, I navigate the streets with such ease that I’m convinced I was a Las Vegas cab driver in a previous life. It makes sense, really. I have a general disregard for speed limits, stop lights, slow people, pedestrians, bike riders, and can get quite surly on occasion.

There is no escaping the bad beat stories. I should be collecting $20 every time I walk to the bathroom. “Flop comes Jack-ten-seven…” “So, I’ve got pocket jacks…” I have an idea that we, the bloggers, need to find a way to convert the bad beat story into useable power. A quick trip through the Rio alone could power California. I have no scientific skills at all though, so I’ll just defer the matter of how to do it to someone else. So get on that, will ya?

Several of our crew were playing in today’s $1500 NL event, and last night Spaceman decided he wanted a real meal to prep himself. I happily accepted his invitation, as not only had I not had a real meal in over a week, I didn’t have my customary nice Vegas dinner during the blogger weekend. We were joined by Change100, Dr. Pauly, and Jason’s buddy Allie Prescott. Dinner was fantastic; the excellent food and wine surpassed only by the company. There’s only one thing to do with free time and friends in Vegas, and it doesn’t always involve Keno crayons. No, at dinner I discovered something a wee bit dangerous – when not playing poker, Allie Prescott enjoys a good spin of the Roulette wheel.

Here’s all you need to know. Using Allie’s “system” my $100 buyin disappeared fast. I remained at the roulette screen (video roulette – not as much fun, but with advantages) with my fellow bust-outs while we watched Otis complete his run. I sat. And I sat. For two minutes, and then, announcing myself as a total degenerate, incapable of sitting there and not gambling, I rebought. [Hush] I gave the system another shot, and made back my original buy-in before I was ordered to cash-out and make way to the blackjack tables. Quote of the night goes to Spaceman, after I won over $100 on a spin – “Who’s a degenerate gambler and winning because of it??” Love that man. The prospect of sitting down to a blackjack table and quickly losing my money wised me up and I decided to head home for bed. I had a lot of fun, but there may be no more -EV move in the world than hanging out with professional poker players. [Not that I’m stopping. You know how many moments Phil Gordon and I have had since I’ve been here??]

And that, dear friends, pretty much sums up my first week in Vegas. I’ll play poker on Thursday, when I win the Media Event, and I’ll let you know all about it. I have a date with the MGM Saturday night, but right now I have a date with a bottle of Ny-Quil.