Ryan Day 3

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1:20am Night over. Didn’t play a pot at the FT, has 103k. Otis got pics of him there, because Otis is the fucking man.

12:45am Moved to the Featured Table with Annie Duke with 15 minutes left to go! Still around 100k. Everyone is guaranteed 26k at this point.

10:45pm Break time. Ryan has 100k. Negreanu is short stack and on tilt.

9:21pm Break over. Ryan has 116800, and just got moved to a table with Daniel Negreanu.

6:31pm Dinner break in 30 mins. Has about 117k. Won a couple of pots without showdown. One was betting his flush draw, the other was a win from the SB.

5:22pm Ryan made the money! Has 98100. (Cardplayer and Pokerwire are still listing Jesus as in the tournament. No love for Ryan.)

4:14pm Harrah’s has put media restrictions on us, so updates may be fewer and less informative. Gonna do the best I can though.

3:27pm 30 minute break. Has 107500.

1:59pmCall from CJ –

Ryan just busted Ferguson. A8 for Ryan, 10-6 for Jesus. CJ said he thought it was a steal attempt by Ferguson, there was an Ace on the flop and Ryan called him down.

Otis: “That means Ryan has chips. Bitch is going deep now. And by bitch, I mean friend.”

Wil: “You know how I always bitch about the celebrating when we’re in the room? I would just like to take a moment now and [stands up] say Yea!!!!”

1:42pm How about a triple-up? Missed the hand, but he cracked aces and queens with KT. Got about 90k.

1:11pm On break. Has 33k and Jesus on his right.