Ryan Day 2

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12:16am Made day 3 with 26800. Aces are due to arrive noon Friday, SEVERAL times.

10:35pm Players on 20 minute break. Ryan has 38200, and was just moved to the same table as Tuscaloosa Johnny, who has 118k 121,400.

CJ told Johnny that he’s given Ryan the Luckbox to use. Johnny replied “Aww, man…why’d you have to do that to me?”
I’ve proposed that Johnny double up Ryan in the name of bloggerdom, but he’s not going for it.

Plans have changed again – now we’ll play one hour into the next level, then call it a night. So we should be out of here around midnight.

9:57pm Still card dead. He’s won two pots:
Blinds are 500/1000 with 200 ante.
LP raises 2k, Ryan calls from the SB and BB calls. Flop is 8h 9s 6h and they all check. Turn is Qd and they all check. River is 9c, check check check; Ryan wins with KQs.
Couple of hands ago he re-raised all-in a raise from the LAG in the cut-off. LAG folds, showing an Ace. Ryan had 2s.

Plan is to play down to 500 OR through 6 levels. I don’t think we’ll hit 6 levels…we’re in the 10th level now (fourth today) and we have 660 players left.

Sorry, I neglected to get his chip count before I left, but keep in mind the two hands he’s won are pretty much just keeping him ahead of the blinds and antes. I’ll have it next time though, promise.

8:29pm Coming back from dinner break. Has 27k. Looking to double-up twice.

6:27pm He’s card dead. Still with about 30k. We’re at 400/800/100. Dinner break is in 30 mins; I think he could really use it. He said to me “I just want to see an Ace to be sure they’re in the deck.” Send all card mojo his way.

4:52pm Sitting in the media room next to Wil, CJ, Otis, and Pauly. Wil gets a text message on his phone and says “Uh oh. Uh oh. I can’t…April, you go.” The message says “I really suck at poker…” We make out that it’s from Ryan, and in a panic, Change, Otis, Pauly, and I all run to the Amazon room. I have an idea of what the message is refering to, but dammit man don’t be sending obscure messages like that to the media room!! We all arrive at the Amazon Room and see Ryan standing in the mass of people waiting to get back to their tables (break now over). He assures us he’s ok, and thinks we’re all a little insane. Anyway….
He’s got about 30k now. Shortly before break he raised from UTG+1 and got a re-raise from the 6 seat. (Ryan’s in the 3). Ryan calls and the flop comes 7s Qc 9s and they both check. Turn is 8d, and they check. River is 5d, and the six seat bets out 5k. Ryan raises 10k on top, and six seat calls. Ryan has AQh, six seat has Queens.

3:30pm – Ryan raises UTG to 2100. Cut-off calls. Flop is 7s 2c 6h. I think…”Did he? No way he would.” Ryan bets 3k. Cut-off thinks…and thinks…and thinks. I think “No way he did…but I hope he did…” Cut-off folds, showing an Ace. Ryan folds, showing….

…wait for it….

7c 2s

I say to Haley, who is also watching, “I thought no way he would do that.” Ryan says “Turns out I would.”

None of us will ever be able to top that hammer.

Per Pauly, he’s at 47k. I was all flustered by the hammer and totally forgot about chip counts.

2:47pm – DOUBLE-UP: Ryan was down to 24,600. UTG raises pre-flop to 4k, it’s folded to Ryan in the cut-off, he moves all-in. SB and BB fold, UTG calls. Ryan has Kings, UTG has Queens. Kings hold up and I need a drink.

1:44pm – 32,600

Not off to a great start…
12:40 pm text message to me: Just had KK in BB, cracked by UTG’s A8s (he limp-reraised all-in preflop), he rivered a wheel.

Has 31925 left, and I’m not allowing any more bad beats today.