Review: Firewall

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As part of the Blogger Movie Club, I joined CJ in watching a movie this past weekend (joined as in, we saw the movie in our respective locations, not that we met in some dumpy theather on the TX/LA border and he bought the popcorn and I picked up the drinks; because that would just be obsessive, not to mention a little creepy. Anyone who has spent time near the TX/LA border knows what I’m talking about there).

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the movie. CJ selected Firewall, a Harrison Ford action vehicle with a computer-themed twist. (Get it? It’s about computers…firewall). At home visiting the parents last weekend, I knew I would get no arguement from my father when I suggested we go see it, as his movie criterion is quite simple – Does shit blow up? Check. Does someone get killed? Double-check. Off we went.

His daughter, however, is a bit more discriminating when it comes to films. Truthfully, I didn’t expect much from this movie, because it is an action flick and therefore falls into a fairly predictable formula. I went in expecting exciting escapist fare, and for the most part, that’s what I got.

I’m going to try and not give away too many details about the movie, because really, if you have a weekend afternoon to kill, it wouldn’t be a bad way to spend your $5.50 or whatever ticket prices run in your town. One thing I did like about this film is that when Mr. Ford found himself and his big-screen family in danger, he actually made an effort to get away. This is huge people. I give major props to the writers for tossing that in there. For sure, after a while I began to think “No really. Give it up and move on”, but you do have to admire the dose of humanism there.

No major plot twists here, since you start out the movie knowing who the bad guy is, so the excitement level wasn’t that big, but it’s an entertaining film. Overall I enjoyed it, except the ending left a sour taste in my mouth (had to have been the movie, as no Sour Patch anything was consumed) because it was so. stupid. y’all. And when I say ending, I am referring not to the way the story was wrapped up, but rather the very last frame of the movie extravangza. As the hip kids say, it was teh lame. Most people would shrug this off and move on, but I can’t, because giving the closing scene of a film more weight than any other aspect is just one of the little quirks that makes me the lovable me I am.

In short, I would give this movie 3 Aces out of 4 – nothing life-changing, but serves the purpose of a movie well. Also, Paul Bettany is hott.

You can find CJ’s review here, and please do consider joining us for future theatrical engagements. I’ll even let you buy me popcorn.