Regarding the Pain of Rebuy Tournaments.

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Second hand of a very inexpensive rebuy tournament online.

Dealt 8s 9s in the big blind.

Six people limp, and I am given a free flop after resisting the temptation to min-raise.

The flop is Ac 9c 8d. I open by betting the pot and am immediately min-raised by the player UTG.

Two people call.

I push all in.

All three players call. Zoinks.

UTG shows Kc 5c for the nut flush draw…

MP shows a limped-in AQo….

And LP has TJo for the straight draw.

I have the best hand.

Turn is a red ten.

River is the Jack. of Clubs.

TJ has two pair, AQ has a straight, and K5s has made his flush.

I have the worst hand.