Really getting too old for this…

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So Saturday night Jason & I head out to La Zona Rosa to see Gavin DeGraw in concert. The show started at 9, and there was a couple of opening acts, Toby Lightman being one, whom I had seen recently at the Mix Beach Party…and she’s good, but not my style, and the other band, Marc Broussard, I had not heard of before…so I was in no rush to get there for them. But alas, no luck. Got there about half way through Toby’s set. Now again, she’s good, but not my style. And she has this “please please like me” vibe to her. I realize it’s hard to break into the music industry, but I would think you’d want to come across as having a certain degree of success already. And also…don’t ask the crowd to sing along to your song unless your damn sure they all know the lyrics. But anyway. Marc Broussard and his band is apparently a bunch of guys from Louisiana…and I really liked a couple of their songs. But of course…before he even got on stage, it was already hot as hell, there had already been one woman who had pushed through the crowd pissed off about something, [putting my drink in jeopardy!!!!] (and really lady, if you’re that pissed off this early into the night…that’s not a good sign). I of course was wearing sandals, because you know, it’s the summer, and it’s HOT, and so when people drop beer on the floor that just makes it nice and lovely. And then they aren’t the best footwear choice for standing for hours anyway…I kept thinking of what we said at the Beach Party, about how we were too old to be standing up for seven hours straight. But this wasn’t seven hours… And the people…oh the people. I kept thinking of the line from Clerks where they are talking about leaving for the funeral and Dante says to Randall, “But you hate people” and Randall says “But I love gatherings. Isn’t it ironic?” People walking in front of you, paying no attention to you (or your DRINK!!), or the worst…when Gavin DeGraw was actually going to come out, I got a spot near these two guys…oh my God. How freaking annoying were they. They would not SHUT UP. AND, they were like 6 feet tall. In fact, all over this club were like the tallest people in Austin. But these two were just not bright enough to quit yapping, and to stand still…I swear, if it were socially acceptable to just SHOVE people…I would have. I finally had to move to the outer section of the club, just to be able to see, and to breathe some. Oh, and to resist the urge to kill. I just kept thinking…I’m too old to do this whole “club” thing anymore. And then I kept thinking…wait a second, I’m not *that* old!! And I used to do this ALL THE TIME when I was in high school! Jana & I would be at Numbers, the Abyss, or Fitzgerald’s nearly every weekend, seeing some show. So what was different? Well OK…we are talking grunge 90s here…I sure as hell wasn’t wearing sandals, no matter what the temp was. So I wasn’t in pain within minutes of getting there. But the other difference? IT WAS IN HOUSTON. Now there is a town that knows how to air condition a building!! EVERYTHING is air conditioned! Seriously! “Let’s build a huge football stadium, cut a hole in roof, hold games in August at high noon, and crank the A/C”. My kind of town. You can tolerate a whole hell of a lot when it’s a crisp 72 degrees as opposed to a oppressive 90-something. I mean seriously…turn on the A/C people. I’ll pay more for my tickets. When even the bands are complaining on stage about the heat…I don’t think that’s a good sign.
I love music, I always have. I just need to find some great places to listen to it live…where maybe you can sit down. And there is sufficient A/C. And a well-stocked bar.
So yea…maybe I am a little old.