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Was it really just this past weekend that I was relaxing in a cedar-filled haze on the couch, betting the ponies with BG while telling the dog he didn’t need a tenth trip outside that morning? Really? And today’s only Wednesday? Really???

School is back in session and things are running full-force. After moving my schedule around a bit – dropping crazy-political-policy-lady for little-hard-to-understand-but-nice-Prisoner’s-Dilemma-guy, and militant-lazy-English class for at-least-it’s-a-science-I’ve-dealt-with-before Geography class – I now spend all day on campus on Tuesday and Thursday’s, then head to work, and then come home and collapse. The rest of my week is blissfully fairly free of on-campus time, but there is of course that whole studying thing I have to do. As a result, my only contact with anything poker-related lately has been the calculation of EV that my government professor wrote on the board yesterday in the aformentioned PD class. It was kinda hott.

And again, the truth is, I played this past weekend, but that really does seem like weeks ago. Results? Not so good. I’m trying to remind myself that a month of running-bad is nothing compared to what some people have gone through, and that everyone has a crisis of confidence at various times, usually when they are losing. Or it could just be a girl thing. πŸ™‚ Lucky for me I have good friends who are happy to hear me out, and offer support and encouragement.

In the free time I’ve been able to grab lately, I’ve been on the phone a great deal. Having called just about every hotel in South Austin (eliminating the one right by my apartments that received points for the view, but lost them for just about everything else), I have finally, luckily, found a hotel nearby that will give us a non-obscene rate. I still need to receive, review, and sign the agreement, but plan on $52 for a king room and $62 for two queens. I know, you can get a cheaper room in Vegas, but I do believe that it is these SXSW weekends that bring every hotel in town into the black for the year. Not surpringsly, nearly every room in town is booked. I fully expected to get laughed at once I stated which dates I needed rooms for, and quite honestly couldn’t help but smiling at the absurdity of my request myself. But I found one, so all is well. Rather than post the info here and run the risk of losing such precious commidity, if you’re coming down, send me an e-mail and I’ll give you the scoop. JetBlue is currently running a special from NY to Austin, and Southwest has weekly specials. No excuse to not come hang out with some of your favorite people and celebrity bloggers. You may “ache” a bit that weekend though…

The list of SXSW performers is growing (and my must-see list with it) and you might be interested in adding a couple of new blogs to your bloglines subscription, for insider info and other juicy gossip. Or you can just show up and I’ll be sure to have plenty of cold beer waiting. πŸ™‚

As for the Vegas trip, it looks like that weekend of July 7th is going to be the best one; now I just need to confirm that with the neccessary parties in Vegas. So no booking yet. I’ll let you know when.

On a semi-related note, please join me in welcoming a new Austin poker blogger to the fold. He works at SXSW, so be nice to him. πŸ™‚