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Really…why do we have these blogs? Come on now…don’t give me that “it’s for myself” bit – if it was really just for you, a simple Word document would suffice. Or a nice leather bound book, with some burnt out card suits…yea, that would be nice. Something you could lock up and tuck under your pillow at night so no one else would see it, like you would do with any self-respecting diary.

Anyway. You blog to be read. We put our money on the line, night after night in most cases, caught up in what it is to most people a silly little game…and when it works, we want to share it with someone. When it doesn’t, we want to find out why. We want a shoulder to cry on, another fist to shake at the sky when that idiot hit his two-outer on the river…in short, we want others like us to tell us we did good, or that it’s all going to be okay. These days though, there is a lot of fist-shaking going on (blame those rigged tables at Party I suppose), and for a lot of you, it’s getting hard to keep up with all the blogs.

Let me describe my typical day for you. Get up. Get dressed. Go to class (and yes – I have done this every day this semester, save for once when I was sick – yay me). Come home. Log on to computer (*sigh*…miss my laptop) and read every freakin blog linked on the left. Then I’ll put in my table time or do whatever. Hell I might even get really crazy and update my own. Ooo, or study.

But what fun would that be? No, much more fun to check in with all my fellow bloggers, get totally wrapped up in your lives, and then look up at the clock hours later and realize I didn’t eat lunch. And in all this reading, I come across posts that strike a cord with me, for any number of reasons. Maybe they’re really funny. Maybe they’re really touching. Maybe they made me think, or maybe they show the blogger is going through a growing period in their game and is doing a great job documenting it. For whatever reason, it hits me – everyone needs to see this.

When I was working, I would spend my lunch hour in much the same way. I never left my desk, choosing instead to work through lunch (and you know, since I usually wasn’t in before 9 most mornings…) and surf the web to occupy myself between phone calls and e-mails. Whenever I found something noteworthy, a mass e-mail would go out. These would then usually result in a flurry of “reply to all” responses that, to this day, are some of the funniest things I have ever been a part of. But I can’t mass e-mail all of you.

What I can do though is each week post here the top 5 or so of what I’ve read the week prior, in a little feature I’m gonna call “Read the Blog”.

The line “Read the blog!” comes from a response I would often give to John whenever he would ask me about how my game was going, or what my bankroll was like. I mean, it was all right here… It became a little joke of sorts – I would start to answer in the IM, and he would immediately come back with “If your answer contains the word ‘blog’…”. Chris and I frequently do the same thing. He’ll send me an IM telling me about some great new thing that just happened to him, a teaser of sorts, and when I ask a question, the response is of course “read the blog!” – a way of letting me know a new post is up. Plus, please tell me I’m not the only one that remembers those “Read the book!” commercials? Please? Remember I spend my days with kids who were born circa 1986 (yep) so lie if you have to…don’t make me feel older than I do most days.

What brought this on? Call it inspiration from a higher power. Call it lack of inspiration on my own part. Call it wanting to direct as many people as possible to those who are inspired for as long as they remain that way.

Don’t expect to see anything from Hank or Otis or the like in the list, because quite frankly, a great new post from them is nothing new. The point is to direct you to people you may not be reading every day. Not everyone has the luxury of free time like I do. (And I thank you all for paying your federal taxes so that I may continue to do so). 😉

Like I said, I read every link on the left. If you think I’m missing someone, e-mail it to me. And again, I read them daily. For the most part. There was a week recently where I didn’t read hardly any – just didn’t have the time. And, I am taking a vacation in a couple of weeks. So you know, don’t go beating me up over it if I don’t post anything one week or something.

To those who are linked today and in the future – I don’t have money to offer like you Scurvy. I do have jewels. And a nice collection of mp3s. But I also have visitors. I happily share all of the above. (But don’t tell the RIAA, ok?)

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