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This week –

1. Poker Cats: My War

2. Online Poker Thoughts: The New Me? [I will say though, this one makes it not so much for the post itself as for the comments that follow…so really it’s a joint effort here…you can all pat yourselves on the back. Although it is good to see you back to your old self Sir…you know how I feel about that whiny I suck crap.]

3. Bad Beat Blog: Stupid Omaha Tricks – Volume 1 [No, mentioning me does not automatically get you listed here.]

4. Everything In Moderation – Including Moderation: Thank You Phil Gordon [No, mentioning Phil Gordon’s name doesn’t automatically get you listed here either. Pictures on the other hand…]

5. StudioGlyphic: How to know when you are better at marketing than poker

And screw it, I’m breaking my rules and it’s only the 2nd week. And in fitting with the post I’m doing it for, I love and hate that I’m doing it.

6. Big Slick Nuts: I love and hate this hand

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